minor quest help + tips (in case you get stuck)

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User Info: happybro

4 years ago#1
I am enraged that there is literally no help on the net concearning the quests/bugs/endings etc about this game. Even the "game descriptions" about their father being condemned as a criminal are rubbish (I read about this 3times by now).

Comming back to the topic: I want to share some very limited hints on how to progress some parts of the game where I got stuck (and I bet some of you too).

Please do NOT be critical. Do not comment eather.

-in order to get the best ending be either LOVING and FAITHFUL towards Calandra, or REJECTIVE and CHEATING (on her). This is as every single kiss or choice will be written down and reaproached to your character at the end of the game (posibly changing the ending(???))
-Learn spells and use them. All spells have UPGRADE icons on the sides. TWO in foact. Call me an Idiot but I found that you can buy BOTH upgrades not before the last hour of the game in chapter 5...
-Additionally LV3 frost (freeze lance) spell can upgrade the NEXT magical attack to give 120% More damage, so half of the game I used a combo of LV3 and LV4 freeze/frost magic.
-I made a mistake of NOT pursing the poision magic tree untill chapter 5. After upgrading it you can kill off even stronger enemies (exept swamp/poision/stone ones) faster than by blade.
-in my opinion: Fire halo is a waste of points. Foundhouse 2 is much better and is executed faster. The halo's damage and repullsion rate become much too weak for the second half of the game.
-The speed up magic (4th tree, dark gift or something) is great. It is cheap, lasts for almost whole average combat and "you move/hit faster".
-Crafting exist and is very profitable, but this mechanics is not explained in the game. Just press "B" button
-unidentified items? Double click on them hoping your LORE skill is high enough.
-Weapons: Bladed (Edged) weapons are faster, but it is super hard to get a good weapon (and upgrades) untill after SWAMP missions. Bludgeon (blunt) weapons do more domage, but they are slow... and easy to come by.
-Although you must have noticed by now, there is no SAVE option, but the game has a functional LOAD option with multiple fixed point saves from major choice moments. Use it if you don't like the quest result (or want to kiss the undead damsel).
-Undead damsel does not have a kiss animation.
-You can't get the "half profits from the brothel". Despite the fact it was promised to you...
-Some armored enemies seem undefeated unless you lunge their armour by some skill or poison (they died in one hit for me).
-You may poison a weapon (or a thrown dagger) only from the inventory icon of Potions (double click on a poison). BUT ONLY if your weapon supports this (by special upgrade).
-I don't know if that is purely my impression, but MAGICAL weapons seem to kill monsters faster.
-You earn XP by just anything (Picking plants, talking to people, grinding enemies, persuasion checks, crafting items, blacksimthing (upgrading) weapons n armour, plot moments etc.
-If you try to get a chest and the trap is on (can't find a switch) then don't sweat. Around 99% of chests contain JUNK or alchemical stuff (potions sometimes). Especially the protected ones. Only the PLOT chests (in a BOSS ROOM after defeating it) may leave some weapons and armour.
-Be wary what set or armour you get from a demon or Metropolitan: I made a mistake taking ShadowWaker Armour (or was it Shadow Strider?) and I got a ghouly full peace of FLESH ARMOUR (in apperance). Yuck.
-Town Message Board Quests give weak rewards, but are Entertaining.
-If you have Fast Talk skill high enough you can change your allegence halfway throuhg (untill a certain point). Remember that around 5h later you will be reminded of your side swayings...

[here the word limit comes near so I will continue in the next post]

User Info: happybro

4 years ago#2
[continuation from before]

I must correct myself: Spells are called Ice Lance, Nova, Blight, and Demonic Aura.

-If you have Fast Talk skill high enough you can change your allegence halfway through (until a certain point). Remember that around 5h later you will be reminded of your side swayings...
-At some points of the game you may switch sides (Swamp rebels tell you to poison innocents. Will you do that? Will you expose their scheme?)
-Never underestimate Thrown Weapons. Although there are around 3 in total, they are really useful when an explosive zombie comes towards you, or an enemy is 1 storey above and your freeze magic does not hit him.
-If the combat did not finished and the mob ended, this means that you must have missed a stationary KRYSTAL (yes!), statue, zombie 1 storey above, or a tentacle in a hidden corridor (this happened to me in Chapter 3 and 4).
-in order to upgrade skills past lv5 (out of 7) you need to upgrade the whole STAT (costy) ,or use passive buffs like amulets/rings.
-Do not rush too much with the Fast Talk (persuasion) upgrades as the advance in difficulty checks does not grow very fast (lv 4 was enough for 85% of the game)
-Pland Lore is used ONLY to harvest plants (Useless unless you are super low on money and need crafting materials).
-You use MAGIC by holding Right Mouse Button and hitting 1-4 buttons (You did assign a magical spell to buttons, didn't you?)
-You use Healing POTIONS and Antidotes by holding SHIFT and hitting 1-4 button (after assigning potion shortcuts).
-My opinion: COUNTERing and PARRYing are ... lacking in mechanics as even when maxed out the parring (Q-button) is SLOW, while sometimes one see a mouse button icon during the battle. At random moments (like running past the enemy!). If you click attack button then we will have a counter(sometimes). - but this is the game programmers' fault.
-Just go where the quest marker tells you to go. Mindless explorattion is ... a waste of time (although you can stumble upon some optional-quest-items.
-You can open 2-3 gates in the game to make a shortcut for running around in the city. Find the leavers and click on them.
-when fighting 1vs1 just freeze the opponent and build up a combo (this restores essence) then repeat.

Boss problems:
-Chapter 0 boss: Cannibal = attack him. Freeze him. When he goes up the platform freeze him untill he dies.
-swamp boss: Ghamat = lure him nerby exploding zombies. Then let them explode by comming near or hitting them with a thrown weapon. Repeat.
-Azaril boss room: Destroy green crystals unless you want to fight infinite waves or cultist mages.
-Azaril boss: Azaril = You have to hit her 2-3 times with a thrown weapon untill she falls to the ground where you can attack her.
-Last boss: = Destroy 4 crystals. If Calandra hangs (stops when hit by large demon) just wait untill some random mob attacks her, then after defeating them she will regain control.

Quest problems:
-Council of the 3 troll skulls: BOR - BAR - RAD, then "Freedom and Power". (first thing I was looking on the net, with no avail).
-When in Azaril Monastery you write a new Cathehism you will be asked to put a book on a table in library. Do not fear, as this is not a bug, but about red books from the library: Frozen ( or something) and The Death of Alchemist.
-Alchemist challenge (Azaril Monastery): first add Dusty Skeleton then Pure Gold Bar. Take golden skeleton. Put it on a press and smash it. Adding Gold+Skeleton did not work for me (lost 1h of time making a permutation of 6 possible elements)...

The end.
Yes, this was only meant to be a quick tip/solution post.

I repeat: I posted this here for there is NO INFO about some KEY aspects of this game anywhere to be found (2.11.2013).
You liked it? Give Rep+
Hated it? Ignore me. That pisses me off the most.

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#3

thank you for that great post. I am amazed that its so quiet here. I have been waiting for this game for years. well for ANY rpg.

I am playing risen right now , and just got done with two worlds, and Gothic 4.

Again, thank you for sharing this GREAT information.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
Got a Xbox a few days ago, Now playing: Tales of Vesperia. . . . . . . . . US Economy lost 24 Billion, Blame the Republicans.

User Info: zodiacbraves

4 years ago#4
Thanks HappyBRO! ^_^

User Info: ckisme

4 years ago#5
good info. I'm curious about the pros/cons about the decisions. i.e. I'm in swamp now. wood to genla or ulev? genla says ulev can use demonic wood but I never found any, and I assume it's like the city, can't please both, pees off the other.

I know that makes it so you play it over again, but I'm wondering if any of these decisions create dead ends in plot where you become stuck into a certain path. I've been trying to play good guy this time through, but with the save system (or lack thereof), it's difficult to find that right path. I'll look at the save system. I was trying to goto bed last night but was furiously waiting for a circle in lower right but I passed that "if you continue, you cannot go back" thing in the basement and should have just stopped there... oh well.

btw, in the next to last city main quest line, I went between dwarf and thief guys collecting rewards and stalling each time and got rewards both times, each time. hehe dunno, bug? was funny. racked up alot of worthless stuff but alot of AP. got bored and moved on so don't know how often I could have milked that.

User Info: happybro

4 years ago#6
ckisme posted...
good info. I'm curious about the pros/cons about the decisions. i.e. I'm in swamp now. wood to genla or ulev? genla says ulev can use demonic wood but I never found any, and I assume it's like the city, can't please both, pees off the other. .

Exactly. And BTW all choices are but illusion. You only hear about the consequences from other people, while the conclusions are only subtly hinted (if ever mentioned). Like the (what was it again?) bulb of the magical dream plant that I handed over to the swamp overseer guy. They dropped the issue. End...

In conclusion be you good or bad, you will recieve a very similar patch. Meaning the game progresses similary*.

But this show what I actually enjoyed in this game: All moral choices are YOUR (you human - behind the screen) choices. You feel good or bad depending on the situation. Like when reading a book, but you influence the plot. These choices are for you to have a feel into actual role playing. They actually managed that (accourding to me).
Sorry for bad comparisons.

Additionally I also have not found any "demonic wood".

*Maybe the treatment of your sister is the exception from the rule.

User Info: ckisme

4 years ago#7
yeah, I agree. OTOH, there have been games in the past, where (in a few cases), your decision does indeed affect things like, who lives/dies, etc. and those few games that do that, the dev's had to spend a huge amount of time looking at the threads that make up those decisions, produce voicework, artwork, code, etc... then ensure they all work, thus exponentially increasing the QA time, etc... It adds to the immersion and replayability 10fold since you truly do feel part of the story.

So, like most other venues other than games, other dev's copy/paste the idea behind that original process, but nothing more than the idea gets filtered through. The illusion of choice is all you are given, and when I see that, other pieces of the game gets turned inside out and you can see the whole thing as nothing but a copy/paste job with new artwork/story.

but, if it entertains for a bit, it does it's job. It shouldn't be a $50 title, in addition, it's not staying on the hd past the initial install.

thanks for the reply tho. I've been slightly entertained by this game but the inventory system w/no sorting, the slow speed of walking, especially once you've cleared an area, the utter lack of any saving which can be a small hinderance (lose 15 minutes for ~2 hours depending, the swamp is a good example), have made it one of those "I paid for it, I'll finish it and pretend it was all a bad dream afterwards" kind of games which has become more common lately.

I wish to see more games like van helsing (even tho I had issues with it too) but it was too short, but at least had the right ideas. aaaahhh look at how long my post is. cat is pointing at his watch, must go now and get off my soapbox and clean his box.
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