This is game is too hard! :(

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User Info: safcftm33

6 years ago#1
How HOW do i kill psychopaths. I've killed a couple, but I cant kill the guy with the huge smiley face, the chainsaw wedding chapel guy and the mail man who can throw bombs at me and shoot me three times in a row from 50 feet away with a shotgun. Please someone give me tips! :(
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User Info: Star99gers

6 years ago#2
for the wedding guy, just keep jumping over the wooden barriers when he attacks till he's tired, attack, run away, rinse and repeat.

User Info: TheRazgrizDemon

6 years ago#3
use combo weapons and keep big health items on you like Cream Coffee or a Lobster.

keep running and avoiding their attacks. They will eventually stop to taunt you or eat or be sick, what ever. This is the time you can hit them. Hit them 2 or 3 times then move away before they hit you back.

Rinse and repeat.

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User Info: StarBuckyOhare

6 years ago#4
Tip for Psycho's - Remember well!

Guns aren't worth a diddly for Psycho's! If you're trying to take them out at a low level, your best bet is to use combo weapons. I reccomend the DEFILER - Sledgehammer + Fire Axe - Bring one of those and some OJ and you should be good to go!
PSN: Kal-Hell
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User Info: Indyclone77

6 years ago#5
Use boxing gloves with knives
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User Info: gigano25

6 years ago#6
and here I was thinking that the game was to easy.
But yeah, the psychopaths can be a pain in the ass if you come unprepared.

Best way to defeat them are combo weapons and bringing some drinks mix with the blender. Broadsword is also very good if you are to lazy to make weapons.

I defeated most of the psycho's using only a spiked bat and broadsword and some food for restoring health. Later I use the blender to mix some 1or 2 painkillers (combine 2 wine or 2 vodka or 2 beer), since they will restore full health and make you take alot less damage.
Good weapons to use in my experience are:
spiked bat= bat + nails
laser sword=gems + flashlight
defiler= sledge hammer + fire axe
knive gloves=bowie knife + boxing gloves

There is one enemy where it's better to use a LMG and assault rifle, since he is on a bike.

User Info: safcftm33

6 years ago#7
Cheers guys ill keep this in mind
PSN ID: safcftm33
GAMES: R:FoM: 2, LBP, Fallout 3, Fifa09, Kzone2, CoD4, Burnout Paradise, Gta IV, Condemned 2, MGS4, Uncharted, Top Spin 3....

User Info: asnaes1981

6 years ago#8
laser sword=gems + flashlight

That's exactly what a lightsaber is in Star Wars!
PSN: asnaes

User Info: MizuhoChama

6 years ago#9
I killed the biker with a spiked bat.

There are a few that you might want to use sniper rifles for, since they're high up. I managed to get up to one, but the next one I found, I couldn't see any way up. I tried sniping, but he killed me, then I went to bed. So I'm not sure about that yet.

Anyway, Slappy and Wedding guy, I shot Slappy from the gun store and I used knife boxing gloves on the other one.
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User Info: frerich

6 years ago#10

This game isn't really meant to be finished in one playthrough. The more you play, the more you level up, the higher the level, the more powerful you are. You can just play around and start a new game with your current character in order to make it a bit easier.

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