Any adcice how to beat Slappy?

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User Info: Rheinmetal

6 years ago#1

I faced him when I was about lv.20. I tried to shoot him with the shotgun, but this did very little damage to him and still I was vulnerable from his ranged attacks. Getting close to him was impossible, I couldn't do not even a scratch to him and I died very quickly. Eventually after three tries, I decided to skip it for my second playthrough. Do you have any ideas how to deal with this boss? Do I need an extra powerful moddified ranged weapon? Thanks.

User Info: DanDaMan558

6 years ago#2
i found this out when he was almost dead (i used assault rifles to shoot him down to about 10% hp) but apparently if u jump kick him while hes charging at u he will be staggered so u can melee him

it is possible to shoot him down tho if u go into his store and try to shoot him a few times and run out of his line of sight when he starts chucking fireballs at u

User Info: Muka

6 years ago#3
i found a really easy way to beat him. i was about level 11 or 12 when i did this. just try to stay alive while u run back to the gun store, then take a sniper and then hide behind the counter furthest away from the door. then just wait for slappy to come to the door and then snipe him. his fireball will either NOT reach you at all, or it will only blow you away (and does no damage!). i killed him like this in about 10 minutes
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User Info: Xeithx

6 years ago#4
My Stategy was to drink lots of wine and vodka from the nearby store and throw up all over his skating path.

He slips over and you have enough time to slash him a couple of times before he gets up.

Worked well for me anyway...
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User Info: Jason_Hudson

6 years ago#5
I am skipping him (or rather did skip) him for my second playthrough.

However I have recently started using Painkiller drinks. Basically find a blender (one in Shots & Awe in Americana Casino [hope I got that name right]) and mix one beer with another beer and a painkiller drink will pop out. I actually just stood there in front of some bosses and took the damage - the amount of damage it reduces is insane.
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User Info: Rheinmetal

6 years ago#6

Thanks guys! I think that I would have never thought these ways on my own. Vomiting in his path and making him fall sounds hilarious. LOL

I will try all these in the next playthrough, because now I'm afraid that I have already overwritten the save file just before the battle. :(

User Info: -Randy-Orton-

6 years ago#7
Shoot him with a water gun from the store right next to where you fight him, he apparently doesn't like getting wet so you can run up to him and get a few shots off. Repeat till dead.

User Info: dandan

6 years ago#8
It took me multiple tries until I succeed in killing him.
I was level 23 when I faced him.

Once the cutscene ended, jump down to the 1st floor.
I had a much more easy time facing him at a open space. the zombies around will help to take the damage for u haha.

Slappy will shoot at you 2 to 3 times, than rush toward you with his 2 flame throwers. try not to get hit by running around the zombies. wait til Slappy fall to the ground, than you can go and wrack the hell out of him :)

I'm using the bat with spike nail :).

Oh by the way, enjoy the cutscene after you manage to beat Slappy XD
So Sad and touching LOL
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User Info: Muka

6 years ago#9
i just tried the jump kick method on another save. its the best way i think, it makes it the easiest fight in the entire game!
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User Info: Loegi

6 years ago#10

Jump kick him, so that he falls, melee him to death, repeat.

Worked for me.

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