Head Trauma weapon list and locations

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User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#1
First things first, Credit to Lord Maim and PowerPyx on making the checklist and an awesome trophy guide. You guys did great!
Credit to me for locations (I'm sure there are people who did this, but these locations are mine.)

Head Trauma (Bronze)
Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.

This trophy can look scary, so I intend to give you the complete list and locations of every melee weapon.

Note that there ARE missable weapons, these are the Giant Pink Chainsaw, Katana, and Comedy Trophy.
Also note that you DO NOT HAVE TO KILL A ZOMBIE, just hit them with it.
Last note, using a weapon carries over playthroughs, so you can start a new game+ and that weapon will still be "used."

Okay, now the fun part. The weapons are alphabetized (thanks again to Lord Maim and PowerPyx for that) and I will write a short description of appearance and location. Use Ctrl+F to find weapons you need.
2x4 - A standard plank of wood, there are a bunch in the safe house and a whole bunch in the Hotel. Really common.

Acoustic Guitar - Another really common one, there is a Tunemakers in the Royal Flush where there are infinite spawning guitars.

Ad Board - A small sign that's dark in color, there are a few in the Royal Flush. Pretty common.

Amplifier - Also found in Tunemakers. See: Acoustic Guitar

Barstool - Self-explanatory, go hit a bar in any of the casinos. Really common.

Baseball Bat - This one is too easy to even describe. They are right outside the safe house, sittin' on the floor.

Basketball - Hit any of the sports stores to find these. They are usually against a wall and spawn infinitely.

Battery - Also really common, there's one in the maintenance room in the large rocks in Fortune Park. (Where you fight Leon)

Battle Axe - You can buy these from some pawn shops for $15,000, or you can go to Ted's Knicknackery in the Palisades. There are two in a glass case.

Bench - Everywhere, but they are different from Fancy Benches. Not a problem to find.

Bingo Ball Cage - There is ONE in the game. At One Little Duck Bingo in the silver strip (look for the Fortune Genie out front)

Bowie Knife - These are everywhere. Zombies can drop them as well. Not a problem item.

Bowling Ball - Kokonutz Sports Store in the Palisades has a bunch of these in one of the corners (upstairs I believe)

Boxing Gloves - There are sets in glass cases in the Royal Flush, just outside the Safe House hallway. Also abundant.

Brick - There are a bunch downstairs in the safe house. Just go past the room with Katey and down the stairs.

Broadsword - There are a bunch in the Americana Casino in glass cases on the walls, as well as one in Shanks and another in Ted's Knicknackery.

Broom Handle - A sneaky one this is. You have to use a push broom until it breaks, at which point it becomes a broom handle. You cannot just find this.

Bull Skull - Several in the food court on the outside walls of the western ranch-style restaurant.

Cactus Plant - Food court at the Mexican Food place.

Cardboard Box - Hundreds of these things. Easiest ones are in the safe house, just outside of Katey's room.

Cash Register - Too common to miss, these are found in almost every store.

Cement Saw - There are several of these in the Hotel. Not a real tough one to find.

Centurion Bust - These guys are kind of rare actually. They are only found in some clothing stores. Just look, they aren't hard to overlook.

Chainsaw - If you haven't used a chainsaw in Dead Rising 2, then you are fired. Found in the Silver Strip, Hotel, and there's one in a children's clothing store in the Royal Flush (Maybe the Palisades)


I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#2
Chef's Knife - Any restaurant has these. (Easter Egg, the power attack performs a multi-stab similar to the one in the movie Psycho, along with suspenseful music.)

Coffee Pot - There's one in the mess hall in the safe house. Easy.

Comedy Trophy - MISSABLE! This can only be found in the Case Two's Company. This case opens up on Day 3. The trophy appears on the counter of the Excitorama in the Silver Strip. DO NOT MISS IT.

Computer Box - These things are everywhere as well. Not a big problem to find.

Construction Hat - The Hotel has a whole bunch of these. Just pick one up and beat a zombie with it.

Cooking Oil - Kind of hard to find, but the food court should have quite a few. You'll find one eventually.

Cooking Pot - The Cucini in the food court has these (The place where you fight Antoine).

Croupier Stick - The casinos have a lot of these. They are either at the craps tables or a zombie is holding em nearby. Either way, it's an easy find.

Crowbar - So many of these, there's no reason to even list location.

Cushioned Tall Chair - Ah the tall chairs... these are found in casinos at the slot machines. Each casino has different tall chairs, so make sure to get them all.

Dolly - These can be found in the Hotal or the Underground. Usually, they have an acetylene tank on them. Just pick it up an bash a skull in.

Donkey Lamp - There's one in the Mexican Food place in the Food Court.

Drill Motor - These aren't very common, but you will most likely come across one anyway. There's one in a maintenance room in the Hotel, I believe (feel free to correct me, I'm goin on memory here)

Drink Cart - These are all over the place in casinos. These are the large carts, usually with a beer or two on them, that zombie may be pushing in any of the casinos.

Drum - Tunemakers in Royal Flush, or the Music Store in the Palisades.

Dumbbell - There are couple in the men's sport store in the Royal Flush, as well as the workout place in the Palisades.

Electric Guitar - Any music store.

Fancy Bench - Easy to find, there are a ton in the Royal Flush

Fancy Small Chair - Not really hard to find. Check Casinos, Slot Ranch has some I think.

Fancy Tall Chair - Again, at the slots in the casinos.

Fire Axe - There's an easy one just outside of Katey's room, next to a fire extinguisher.

Flashlight - Find and kill looters. One looter is always carrying a flashlight.

Flower Pot - Very small by comparison to the other weapons, these are found on counters in some stores.

Foam Hand - Sports stores, and on the floor somewhere in the Royal Flush. Not hard to find.

Folding Chair - You can find one on your way to the Royal Flush from the Safe House. It's next to some garbage bags.

Football - The Palisades mall has a bunch, the Royal Flush has a bunch. Check Sports Stores.

Garbage Bag - See: Folding Chair. They're in the same place.

Garbage Can - Royal Flush has em. A LOT of them.

Giant Pink Chainsaw - MISSABLE! The Case Here Comes the Groom is the only time you can get this. Beat Randy Tugman, and the chainsaw is sitting next to his captive.

Gift Shop Lamp - It's a lava lamp and not hard to find. It's purple.

Gumball Machine - Most children's Toy Stores have these. Again, easy finds.

Handbag - Women's Clothing shops. Easy.

Hangar - Any Clothes Store. Really easy.

Highback Oak Chair - The most abundant of chairs, this is not even a trick to find.

Hockey Stick - This one is Satan's little buddy. This can ONLY be found in the sports store in the Palisades. Its upstairs right next to the skateboards. They are the same color so check extra-carefully.

Indoor Garbage Can - The cylindrical cans, these are everywhere.

I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#3
Katana - MISSABLE! This is only found in case 4-1. SPOILER! After defeating the Twins, two of these spawn in the middle of the dance floor.

Keg - A metal beer keg. Easy to find.

Keyboard - The Roy's Mart in the Royal Flush has a keyboard as well as all of the other computer items.

Lamp - It's a lamp... easy find.

Lance - The Medieval Restaurant in the Food Court has a couple of these. They are in the hands of the little guys in armor.

Large Barrel - The Food Court has a bunch of these. Not hard to find. They are at the Western Food place.

Large Fern Tree - These things are everywhere. Easy find.

Large Planter - Royal Flush is loaded with these things.

Large Potted Plant - Still really, really common.

Large Vase - There's an easy one in the Jewelry Store in the Royal Flush. It's in the dead center of the store.

Large Wrench - An easy one in the room just outside of the safe house, near some saw blades.

Lawn Mower - Head to the large rocks in the Fortune Park. There's one sitting just outside of the maintenance room.

LCD Monitor - Roy's Mart in the Royal Flush (In the Pharmacy Room)

Lead Pipe - Quick one is in the room just outside of the safe house, before the stairs that lead to the hallway with the maintenance room.

Leaf Blower - In a maintenance room in Fortune Park. Look for the maintenance room with a parasol just outside.

Leaf Rake - There's one in the Royal Flush leaning on a message board. Easy to find otherwise.

Liberty Torch - Only one place for these. They are on the stage in the Slot Ranch casino (Where you "fight" Bibi)

Long Stick - In the hotel near the elevators, there are a whole bunch.

Machete - Shanks in the Palisades has an infinite spawn.

Magician's Sword - MISSABLE! This is only findable after the The World's Most Dangerous Trick. Defeat Roger and Reed and it spawns on the stage next to the rocket launcher.

Mailbox - A bunch outside. They look like the postal service ones, not the domestic ones (Large and bulky). They are orange, not blue.

Mannequin Female - The Hot Excitorama has a bunch in the windows. This place is in the Silver Strip.

Mannequin Male - Any men's clothing store.

Massager - I saw this one and lol'd. The Hot Excitorama has these. A lot of these...

Meat Cleaver - The Food Court has one in the Cucini (where you fight Antoine)

Medicine Ball - There's one in a glass case in the Royal Flush (next to dumbbells and boxing gloves) and another in the workout place in the Palisades.

Metal Barricade - Easy to find. There are a bunch outside and a bunch in the Arena.

Metal Garbage Can - Another easy find.

Mic Stand - The Stage in the Slot Ranch has one.

Military Case - Easiest found in The Getaway. Right outside the Hotel's elevator doors, pick one up and hit a zombie. Only spawns here during that case.

Mining Pick - The Food Court has a couple. The Hotel does as well.

MMA Gloves - The store with the boxing gloves has these in front of some dummies. Easy finds.

Money Case - Silver Briefcases. There are a bunch on the roof during the Helicopter Battle, or you can kill Janus or the guy from Bank Run if you don't mind killing a survivor or two.

Moosehead - There's one in the High Noon Shooting Range in the Palisades (it's upstairs)

Motor Oil - One of the Palisades maintenance rooms has one.

Newspaper - Abundant. Easy find.

Newspaper Box - Next to the Fortune Park door in the Royal Flush. Easy find.

Nightstick - The zombies in the giant craps table in the Royal Flush are carrying them. Pry it from their cold, dead hands.

Padded Blue Chair - Easily found, it's a blue chair. Not in the casinos.

I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#4
Paddle - There's one in an alley near a maintenance door in the Silver Strip. It's on top of a dumpster. Also found in the Beach Store in the Palisades.

Paint Can - A lot of these in the Hotel.

Pallet - there's one just outside of Katey's room. Grab it on your way out of the safe house.

Pan - Most food places have these.

Parasol - The large umbrellas in the Fortune Park. If you miss this, maybe you don't deserve the trophy.

Patio Chair - A lot in the Food Court and Fortune Park areas.

Peace Art - There's a bunch in the Art Gallery in the Palisades. Very small

Pitchfork - There's one in the Palisades that's easy to find. It's in a planter stabbed in front of a tree.

Plastic Bin - Easy find.

Plastic Garbage Can - An easy one is just outside of the diner in the Fortune Park/Silver Strip area.

Plywood - There are easy ones in the Fortune Park. Take the ladders up to the rooftops (where the redneck hunters shoot from).

Power Drill - There's a really easy one in a room just past the first maintenance room you ever use.

Protester Sign - The Fortune Park zombies are carrying these. Easy find.

Push Broom - Another really easy find.

Rotating Display - The Palisades has a few in the window displays. Not a difficult one.

Roulette Wheel- Carefully hidden. In the casinos, it is embedded in a couple of tables amongst the craps. You have to look carefully.

Round Potted Plant - Yet another easy find.

Sandwich Board - There are quite a few in the Royal Flush. Easy finds.

Scissors - There's a pair on the end of the table that Stacey is working at in the Safe House.

Serving Tray - There's one under a cake (the cake from Portal actually, just FYI) in the Royal Flush. Otherwise, hit the Food Court.

Shopping Boxes - The jewelry store in the Royal Flush has a couple. Easy finds otherwise.

Shopping Valuables - Easily found in Kathy's Space when the women are shopping (I think it's a case, but I'm not sure). Otherwise check shoe stores or clothing stores.

Shower Head - The ONE I've found is on the floor in the save room in the Safe House. Good fun to stick in a zombie head.

Sledge Hammer - Almost impossible to not find. Very obvious in appearance as well.

Small Fern Tree - Easy find.

Small Potted Plant - This IS different from the flower pot. There are some of these in the Chapel in the Silver Strip IIRC

Small Suitcase - Easy find.

Small Vase - Check the art gallery in the Palisades. Not sure where I found it, but there was a large vase nearby.

Speaker - The Stage in the Silver Strip where the rockers are has a bunch of these.

Spear - The Chief's Hut in the Royal Flush has one.

Spot Light - The Roof of the Safe house as well as the Hotel's roof (during the copter battle) have a lot of these. Also found on the catwalk behind the Slot Ranch stage.

Square Sign - A lot in the Royal Flush. Easy find

Stand - There are a lot in the casinos. These are the things that hold the velvet bard to keep lines of people straight.

Steel Shelving - Just before you leave the Safe House, there's one by Sullivan. Take it with you.

Step Ladder - Somewhat rare. There's one in the Atlantica.

Stone Statue - Go to the Yucatan. There's a whole bunch there.

Stool - Easy Find

Suitcase - Another easy find

Swordfish - The pirate ship in the Atlantica has a couple of these.

Table Lamp - The reception desk in the Hotel has four or five of these.

Tiki Torch - The Tiger pen in the Yucatan has a couple.

Tomahawk - The Chief's Hut in the Royal Flush has two on the back wall.

Training Sword - Behind the stage in the Slot Ranch, it is just outside the maintenance room.

I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#5
Utility Cart - Royal Flush Plaza has one. There's a zombie pushing it around.

Vacuum Cleaner - Down some stairs in the Safe House. Go past Katey's Room's door and down the stairs, then turn around.

Velvet Bar - Casinos. May be attached to a stand. Easy find, they are bright red.

Water Cooler - To be honest, I didn't look for this one. I found it in the intro part of the game. It should be next to the green room in the Arena.

Wheelchair - Oh God. These are just about everywhere. Don't forget to make a Blitzkrieg if you haven't. That thing is epic. Wheelchair + Battery + Assault Rifle or LMG

Yellow Tall Chair - Casinos, in front of slots.

Well that's it! That's all 160 weapons that you need for the Head Trauma Trophy.

As an added bonus, you get a Hockey Mask item that looks similar to the one worn by Jason Voorhees.

REMEMBER this can be done in multiple playthroughs! Don't stress over it too much.

For the last time, thanks again to Lord Maim and PowerPyx for their awesome trophy roadmap and checklist. You guys are awesome!

Good Luck!
I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: SuperSamio10

7 years ago#6
Wow, thanks for the info :) That trophy looked REALLY scary at first, just got it now. Sticky Requested 8D

User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#7
I'm tracking this topic, so feel free to ask any questions. I'll be checking up on this regularly.
I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#8
I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: MtnJim

7 years ago#9
Double bump
I am the Master of the Obvious! Tremble in fear of my power to know what you already know!
PSN: rslfan

User Info: kilik_killer

7 years ago#10
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