Frank West?

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User Info: Slapmaster5000

8 years ago#1
Anyone notice this?

Maybe it's just from dead rising 1, but it seems like this part of the video is after the whole mall portion. I'm really hoping it's Frank West, I wouldn't want to be James Bond from the new casino royale (even though James Bond is awesome). I mean, Frank West has covered zombie apocalypses you know.

User Info: darkprince45

8 years ago#2
No, you were the only person to notice this.

User Info: Slapmaster5000

8 years ago#3
Thanks for contributing to the topic dark prince. I really appreciate it.

User Info: darkprince45

8 years ago#4
No problem man, I'm just trying to help a brotha out.

User Info: Flash 103

Flash 103
8 years ago#5
Yeah, that seems to be from the first one with Frank on the mall roof after being dropped off in the beginning.
"I did nothing, here's my check for doing nothing, and now it's time to enjoy the finer things in life."

User Info: FadeWolf

8 years ago#6
It's from the first game, after Frank jumps out of the chopper, he brushes himself off as the choppers fly away into the distance.

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