What I Want in DR2

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User Info: TheSwedishChef

8 years ago#1
As much as I liked the fast pacing and definited time limit of Dead Rising, I wouldn't mind if things could be slowed down in DR2, with more of an RPG aspect.

I would like the ability to build a safehouse for people that you rescue throughout the game. You can then acquire materials throughout the area to build up and reinforce your fortifications. Then stockpile food, ammo, medicine, etc.

I could do without the odd cult-aspect this time around, but I still like the idea of having psychos. And based on how the trailer looks, I'm guessing we'll have a larger, more "open" environment to explore.

User Info: Thisisntme

8 years ago#2


This is youtube, right?
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User Info: jawmuncher

8 years ago#3
I just want the game, right now in my hands.
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