I'm guessing the new main character is...

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  3. I'm guessing the new main character is...

User Info: clockworkboy00

8 years ago#1

...a stunt rider. From the jacket, the dirt bike, and the hamster ball (possibly a cage of death motorcycle thing).

So, I'm guessing he works as a stunt rider in a Vegas-style show. Discuss, if you like. Or don't.

User Info: MickeyTheNinja

8 years ago#2
That seems pretty good. I like it.

User Info: oOMontyOo

8 years ago#3
Or he's that guy from the movie Sex Drive... just look at him. The main character could be a closet gay
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User Info: GradyHoover

8 years ago#4
We already decided he's Ken East, Motocross Journalist. He's covered the X Games, you know.
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User Info: Joe-Skull

8 years ago#5
I thought he was Notfrank??
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  3. I'm guessing the new main character is...

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