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User Info: ToastieJoe

7 years ago#1
Anyone else hate the dive roll? For me, every step would be a dive roll because it was so damn sensitive! PLEEEEEEEEEASE, don't let there be a dive roll in Dead rising 2! D:

Was there a way around it? O.o

User Info: ezio899

7 years ago#2
dive roll? o_O

User Info: ToastieJoe

7 years ago#3
You know? when you dive into a roll...

User Info: zombieNaruto

7 years ago#4
Basically, the dive happens before the roll.

But seriously, it was too sensitive, here's to hoping for something better, like double tab up on the stick and press A.
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User Info: speedy4000f

7 years ago#5
same here!!! unless you have a perfect new controller you will dive role likes it's your job
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User Info: cweaver317

7 years ago#6
I have never had this problem, and my controller is messed up, it likes to pan left even when i am not touching button, and the left stick button (L3?) is not working right anymore, need a new one.
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User Info: FerdMertz

7 years ago#7
I never had that problem and as a matter of fact that was the only move I didn't use regularly. My experience was that the dive roll was inconsistent and difficult to pull off.

User Info: blightning911

7 years ago#8
if your reaction is good enough, you can do a roundhouse kick upon landing in the dive roll.

User Info: nothingbeast

7 years ago#9
I also found the Wall Kick to be annoying.

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User Info: MegaIomaniac

7 years ago#10
A lot of the moves in Dead Rising were difficult or too easy to perform, I still can't get a few of them to work correctly or ever fine a good place to use them.

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