Compleate List of Weapons and Combo Card Locations (Spoilers Maybe)

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User Info: Frost_Therapy

7 years ago#1
The following list I have gathered from various websites, the forums and things I managed to duct tape together.I heard people say when you buy items from the pawn shop you get a combo card with it. However I spent $25k on the knife gloves and failed to receive a combo card for it. So I am just going by what I heard, it may be a glitch for me, or it may be false rumors. If I have left off something please post what is missing. I hope this helps someone.

How the Chart works: Item + Item = Combo Weapon (Where to find the combo card)

Baseball Bat + a Box of Nails = Spiked Bat (Given when you get the key to the Maintenance/level)
Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife = Knife Gloves (Random From Leveling)
Gems + Flashlight = Laser Sword (Found on Poster. Location: Movie Theater on Platinum Strip behind counter.)
Lead Pipe + Rocket Fireworks = Rocket Launcher (Defeat Magicians)
Wheelchair + Battery = Electric Chair (Random From Leveling)
Electric Chair + LMG or Merc Assault Rifle = Blitzkreig (Random From Leveling)
Box of Nails + MMA gloves = Tenderizers (Found on Poster. Location: In Front of Casual Gal's store in Royal Flush Plaza.)
Pylon + Spray Paint = Air Horn (Random From Leveling)
Pitchfork + Drill Motor = Auger (Random From Leveling)
Beer + Construction Hat = Beer Hat (Random From Leveling)
Bow and Arrow + Dynamite = Blambow (Found by examining the Movie poster on the south side of Cucina Donnacci.)
Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch = Blazing Aces (Rescue Left Hand Lance for Side Mission: Tape it or Die 2)
Box of Nails + MMA gloves = Tenderizers
Shotgun + Pitchfork = Boomstick (Random From Leveling)
Bull Skull + Motor Oil = Burning Skull (Found by paying the Fortune Teller outside of One Little Duck Bingo $1,200,000)
Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe = Defiler (Random From Leveling)
Power Drill + Bucket = Drill Bucket (Random From Leveling)
Power Drill + Spear = Driller (Random From Leveling)
Hunk of Meat + Dynamite = Dynameat (Random From Leveling)
Leaf Rake + Battery = Electric Rake (Random From Leveling)
Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade = Exsanguinator (Rescue Wallace Hertzog for Side Mission: Tape it or Die 2)
Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch = Fire Splitter (Random From Leveling)
Water Gun + Gasoline Canister = Flamethrower (Defeat Slappy)
Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil = Flaming Gloves (Random From Leveling)
Lizard Mask + Fountain Fireworks = Fountain Lizard (Random From Leveling)
Robot Bear + LMG = Freedom Bear (Found by examining the poster for the Clint Rockfoot movie "Stop or my Bear will Shoot!" outside the men's bathroom in the Yucatan Casino.)
Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite = Freezer Bomb (Random From Leveling)
Gems + Leaf Blower = Gem Blower (Random From Leveling)
Flashlight + Computer Case = Hacker (Random From Leveling)
Football + Grenade = Hail Mary (Random From Leveling)
Wheelchair + Lawnmower = Handychipper (Random From Leveling)
Toy Helicopter + Machete = Heliblade (Random From Leveling)
Training Sword + Box of Nails = Holy Arms (Found by examining the "Pit Viking" poster in the Atlantica Casino near the fortune park entrance.)
Training Sword + Motor Oil = Infernal Arms (Random From Leveling)
Box of Nails + Propane Tank = I.E.D. (Random From Leveling)
Whiskey + Newspaper = Molotov (Random From Leveling)
Paddle + Chainsaw = Paddlesaw (Found by examining the "Paddle Party Massacre" poster in front of Slot Ranch Casino.)
Parasol + Leaf Blower = Parablower (Random From Leveling)
Push Broom + Machete = Pole Weapon (Random From Leveling)
Lawnmower + 2"x 4" = Porta-mower (Random From Leveling)
Electric Guitar + Amplifier = Power Guitar (Rescue Floyd Stone for Side Mission: Rock Heros)
Plates + Round Saw = Plate Launcher (Compleate Side Mission: Tape it or Die 1)
Cement Saw + Saw Blade = Ripper (Random From Leveling)
Goblin Mask + Battery = Roaring Thunder (Random From Leveling)

(Post continued, to long)

User Info: Frost_Therapy

7 years ago#2
Water Gun + Fire Extinguisher = Snowball Cannon (Unlock by Examining the "Dr. Brainfreeze" poster on the second floor of the Palisades Mall. (Between Ned's Knicknackery and Brand New U))
Lawn Dart + Dynamite = Sticky Bomb (Random From Leveling)
Servbot Mask + Lawnmower = Super Slicer (Random From Leveling)
B.F.G. + Amplifier = Super B.F.G (Random From Leveling)
Bingo Ball Cage + Battery = Tesla Ball (Random From Leveling)
Leaf Blower + Spear = Zombie Thrower (Random From Leveling)


Tape it or DIE!
Achievement combination: Queen + (Orange Juice + Orange Juice =)Nectar = Wingman (Combo Card Given upon creation.)

User Info: Roldrage

7 years ago#3
This is great, if you order it alphabetically based on combo weapon and sub section the different ways that CCs could be earned this would be sticky worthy imo.
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of ass."

User Info: Frost_Therapy

7 years ago#4
I did a topic earlier where it was scattered pretty bad, and had to re-compile it, aside from the weapons on top it is done alphabetically by created weapon. I just stuck the most popular results at the top. Hope it helps!

User Info: Highsteppa79

7 years ago#5
GT = Thundacat79

User Info: vigorm0rtis

7 years ago#6
You rock. Sticky.
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User Info: tadmfpole

7 years ago#7

User Info: Frost_Therapy

7 years ago#8
Bump for morning readers.

User Info: GianniC

7 years ago#9
Sticky requested. Also printed for easier usage in future, thanks.

User Info: GianniC

7 years ago#10
lol.....typo in title.....still a great list though!!!
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