The best way to kill the chef in dead rising 2!

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User Info: sgtsoysauce

7 years ago#1

Items you need:

Merc Assault rifle

Nectar (or orange juice) this is for health, I didn't end up using it.

Weapon of your choice (I used the Driller {Drill/Spear} & Pole Weopon {Broom/Machete})

When you enter the food court (with the Chef's location to your left), run stait until you see some vendig machines on your right.

Climb on the machines and jump to the roof overhang over one of the restaurants. Run strait ahead and you will find Jasper. Get Jasper to follow you and Give him your Merc Assault Rifle. Jump down from the roof and head towards the Chef. Tell Jasper to stand at the entrance (close to the support beam). Now you run in and work on getting the Chef towards the front of the building.

Once he is in the front of the building, Run back to the enterance and stand on the left side (opposite of Jasper).

Jasper will shot the chef and you make sure to dodge any objects he throws at you. When he goes to recharge his health run in and him him a few times, then run back to your spot.

Every once in a while he will charge Jasper and jump on him. This is your time to strike him as much as you can and this will take the most health from him.

I ended up defeating him without losing any health and with Jasper only down to half health... good luck!

User Info: FireFrenzy2112

7 years ago#2
I don't like the moderators at GameFAQs.

User Info: dead_kaiser

7 years ago#3
Nice, man! Survivors do help in some battles.


User Info: NightshadeEx

7 years ago#4
Paddlesaw. That's all you need.

User Info: spidey11588

7 years ago#5
All I did was let him run to the food and, while he's eating start attacking him with the knife gloves. That seems a lot less tedious then what you did.

User Info: CTT

7 years ago#6
I found Antoine to be extremely easy. Well, not the first time I fought him, though. First time I fought him, I had five survivors with me and they all died in my flurry of knife-glove slashes. Idiots.

But, when Antoine goes to heal, he's COMPLETELY vulnerable. Just wail on him then and he goes down like a chump.

User Info: jukeskywaltz

7 years ago#7
-Attack with Knife Gloves.
-He knocks you down, goes to eat.
-Attack with Knife Gloves.
-He knocks you down, goes to eat.

Repeat as necessary. I only lost about 5 blocks of health or so.
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User Info: TheHappySquid

7 years ago#8
Supplementary to OP's method, use the Leadership book, found in The Duck Bingo Hall on The Silver Strip (or something like that).
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User Info: SlayerKnot

7 years ago#9
I made 2 pain killers, 1 quick step, and used the gloves. I never got hit at all by the crap he throws while using quick step. Never really needed the pain killers though.
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User Info: Whakamole5

7 years ago#10

Sounds interesting, I need to try that.

I actually had incredible success with the paddlesaws. I just wailed on him while he was eating and his energy just dropped. Painkillers are always useful, too.

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