Get FREE SUV, sports car, and fortune teller!

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User Info: megamanEP

6 years ago#1
I found this awesome trick to get anything you have to pay for all for free!

Requirements: this MUST be done in Co-op.
normally the host gets the keys and items. (i'm not sure if you can get keys as a joiner that carry into your game)
somebody has to have the money. (2 mil max)

it's pretty simple, what you do is you invite your friend with the money to your game, you go to the store, your frined buys the car key, you pick it up the key, friend leaves game. your friend DOES NOT SAVE. IF YOU PAY FOR THE KEY DO NOT SAVE, IF YOU DID NOT PAY, SAVE!

repeat this for the SUV or fortune teller as well. doing this you will have the car keys and your friend will keep his money!

User Info: SlayerKnot

6 years ago#2
This reminds me of rotten eggs for some reason..can't imagine why. ;)
"Watch my back, but don't stare at my ass." --Francis

User Info: Silent_Killa78

6 years ago#3
This happened to me. I was mucking around with some random, wasted all my money, (only $200,000) and failed all case missions, killed survivors and let Katey die. I was just gonna not save, until..... my partner bought the SUV key. I figured I'd save $2,000,000 if I just saved over my main save. Luckily I was only up to case 2 anyway.
War, War Never Changes....
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  3. Get FREE SUV, sports car, and fortune teller!

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