Missions You Didn't Think Would Be Psychopaths (or Vice-Versa)

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User Info: Uryvichk

6 years ago#1
I honestly did not expect Chuck The Role Model and WWJWD? to be psychopaths.

I sort of expected Cora and her girls might be from the name, but I guess not. Welcome to the Family also vaguely sounded like it might be psycho-related, but wasn't really.

User Info: NettoSaito

6 years ago#2
it was pretty easy to tell WWJWD was going to be one cuz it said he's taking the law into his own hands.

really only the mole rat one was a shock 2 me.
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User Info: SEA_

6 years ago#3
really only the mole rat one was a shock 2 me.

uh, what?
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User Info: moltenpanther

6 years ago#4
Yeah, I'm with SEAdude. What?
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User Info: MalevolentFish

6 years ago#5
I was expecting the Rock Concert mission to be a psychopath fight. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there and discovered I wouldn't be needing my Pain Killer after all.
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User Info: Nny3

6 years ago#6

Not there yet, but what's WWJWD?

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User Info: fonz333

6 years ago#7
I too thought that the Rock Concert would be a psycopath fight, and I didn't think that Chuck the Role Model would be one. I didn't think that the one in the chapel would be one either until I got there and saw dead zombies outside.
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User Info: Tentanman

6 years ago#8
What always bothered me was before katey needed her zombrex, i would try and finish up all the scoops i had left. Time would be kind of tight, and i almost always ended up fighting a psycho without expecting it. Two examples were with the magicians and bibi (who i guess isn't technically a psycho.)
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User Info: rrojas_1926

6 years ago#9
what painkiller does? i am playing the game in spanish and also i dont know hwat each juice do. How i check what each mix juice do?
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User Info: SEA_

6 years ago#10
I'm still waiting for an explanation of this "mole rat" case.
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