About Carl...*Spoilers*

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User Info: RPGman1

6 years ago#1
Am I the only person why wishes there was a way to save him?

Unlike some of the other Psychopaths (Randy, the Snipers, Seymour, etc.) he doesn't really do anything I would consider that bad.

Yes, he attacks Chuck, but really only because he honestly thinks Chuck caused the zombie outbreak and ruined his life. I wish there was some way to talk him down and convince him that it wasn't your fault.

Then again, I guess you can't always save everyone. I also wanted to save Cliff and Thomas in DR1...<_<

User Info: G-Scythe

6 years ago#2
what about slappy and ted. they were victims in my book.

User Info: sambuca

6 years ago#3
TK really deserved another chance.

Nah, not really.
No way, dude!!! This is NOT happening again.....

User Info: G-Scythe

6 years ago#4
TK should of been slowly eaten alive while on fire and being stung by bees.

User Info: RPGman1

6 years ago#5
I agree about Ted.

Slappy...kinda confused me...

User Info: Merc123

6 years ago#6
Ted yes, you almost saved him but then Chuck just used the wrong word. Ted was pretty much a victim

Carl kinda lost it, i could see saving him but he had some problems and was probably delusional asking for a signature from a wall.

Slappy i whole heartily disagree with being a victim, i just dont see it at all. I dont understand how people can see him as a victim. He obviously assimilated with his character to the point where he was mad at Chuck for killing his mascots girlfriend. I doubt the female co-worker and Slappy were actually going out or anything anyway. Slappy just went off the deep end and became his character.
"What Doesn't Kill you usually succeeds in a second attempt" - Mr. Krabs

User Info: Beelzemon_XS

6 years ago#7
I'm inclined to believe that Carl is also in on the whole "cause outbreak, frame Chuck" plan. You find him after Chuck has stopped TK's thugs from looting the vaults, and when Chuck signs his name, Carl snatches away the Zombrex and says, "You're Chuck Greene. You stopped the..."
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User Info: jman427

6 years ago#8
Anybody else think Slappy probably killed his own girlfriend. I mean, if the zombies got her, wouldn't she have turned into one of them after dying? She probably blew him off and he killed her because of it, then used Chuck and the outbreak as an excuse.

Carl shot first, so no, I don't think he was worth saving at all. He's nuts.

Ted on the other hand, didn't seem too bad. He was feeding people to a tiger apparently, so he wasn't innocent, but it seemed like he could have been alright if no one ever says the word "slow" around him. Hmm, on second thought, scratch that, Ted was crazy too.

Zombie outbreaks do a lot to mess with peoples minds, you have to be real careful who you bring back to your safehouse. If someone even acts like they are hostile, I wouldn't even consider saving them.

User Info: LiISnowpaw

6 years ago#9
Ted was annoying as hell.
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User Info: Dumb Dunmer

Dumb Dunmer
6 years ago#10
Slappy seemed like a fire man. She was covered in blood. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it.
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