Best / most powerful weapons?

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User Info: Celda

7 years ago#1
I'm not too far in the game, lvl 15 and on the case where you have to stop certain someone goons from robbing the vault.

I've been using Spiked Bat and Defiler and some Broadsword, but I'm wondering what's more powerful than this? Also used an LMG for Brandon. I miss my Small Chainsaw + 3 books unstoppable combo from DR1 :(.

I don't just mean the most powerful weapons per swing, but most powerful by DPS. I.e. a 50 dmg weapon that takes 3 secs to swing is weaker than a 25 dmg weapon with 1 sec swing. Defiler kind of sucks because it's too slow.

Also, it should be relatively easy to make / find.

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User Info: Axloritis

7 years ago#2
I pretty much consider the knife gloves the best weapon. There's a bowie knife above the kiosk outside of the safehouse, and boxing gloves in the window right next to it, so it's easy to combine right out of the safehouse. There's also two bow and arrows in the tobacco shop in the display on the other side of the kiosk, and dynamite on top of the tree that you see from the second floor of royal flush, and you can make blambows.

User Info: marcello

7 years ago#3
Yeah, another vote for knife gloves. You can also get at least two more bowie knifes from the BBQ restaurant. Just go right coming out of the safehouse into the casino, and the BBQ restaurant is in there. So, including the knife on top of the kiosk, you can make 3 knife gloves in a matter of minutes.

User Info: squiggy9996999

7 years ago#4
here is a couple of great weapons, all at the starting mall (royal flush):

best weapon, imo, is the super slicer but only after you get the speical move from acquiring the combo card in full.

or a slicecycle.

User Info: G-Scythe

7 years ago#5
I just found out yesterday that if you hold down on the attack button when using the battleaxe you start spinning around and can do it for 10 sec b4 the animation stops. And its about as powerful as the broadsword w/o the ninja outfit

User Info: Nonbeing

7 years ago#6
I have to agree with the above posters that the Knife Gloves are the best weapon in the game. They're quick and agile, and do heavy damage. They're great for psychopath fights.

The Super Slicer, also, is a fantastic weapon to plow through large crowds, and it even gives you a speed boost for when you want to run somewhere (even if you don't kill anything on the way).

I'm also a big fan of the Dynamite Bow + Arrow combo for taking out large crowds in a fun way, except the ammo is too low (only 10 per use).

The Blitzkrieg wheelchair is tons of fun, too.

User Info: Wildcat_ZerO

7 years ago#7
Here is what I generally always threw together whenever I would leave the safe house. Being smart and making weapons at every maintenance room you come across (when needed - always stock up!) if you have a free slot should keep you supplied until you return with your next batch of survivors.

1. Knife Gloves already mentioned - You can also make these at the maint. room on the left hand side of the Silver Strip FURTHEST away from Fortune Park. These + painkillers make any boss fight 100x easier and are great weapons in general.

2. Blambows - Already mentioned, you only get 10 shots per each but they clear out crowds and are great ways to level up

3. Tenderizers - MMA Gloves + Nails - Good against small groups of zombies. They will kill in one hit but you can only hit 1 zombie at a time with the punches and the roundhouse kick at the end will sweep out a small group in front of you. I go to these if I want to clear out the fronts of doorways if I know I have a boss fight coming up and am down to my last set of knife gloves. There's an extra set of nails in the store room across from the maint. room leaving the safe house so you can make a spiked bat and a pair of these.

4. Poleweapon - Pushbroom and Machete - Pushbrooms are everywhere, Machete spawns in Alberts Apparel on the 2nd floor of Royal Flush (get this when getting Dynamite for blambows). You can also make this near the rock band stage on the Silver Strip. To the right of the stage there is a square trash can and a little planter thing. The machete spawns in the planter and the pushbroom spawns behind the stage right next to the maintenance room.

5. Defiler and Spiked Bat - Easy, effective, one is quick and the other is powerful. Find the ingredients everywhere. Just becase the Defiler is "slow" doesn't make it a bad weapon. It's powerful and clears out groups of zombies in a hurry. It brings in a lot of PP per swing as well.

6. Driller - Spear and Power Drill - You can make two of these easy in Royal Flush. The easiest is the maint. room in the area next to the car. The spear is outside the room on the wall and the drill is inside. OR near the safe house you can grab a spear from the tobacco store and there is a powerdrill in the store room across from the maint. room.

Toss in a few painkillers and all the weapons you really need are right within walking distance of the Royal Flush and can be made on your way out. After you get like 8 health bars you shouldn't need to carry more than one pain killer with you at any time and that should be ALL you need for health items. All of your other inventory items should be magazines or weapons. Pain killers can be made a few ways but the most convenient is beer + beer or vodka + vodka. You will find that everywhere. Make one and drink it right away to refill health, make another and carry it with you. There is enough food littered about the entire map to where you only use the pain killer in boss fights or in emergencies where you are down to 2 or 3 health bars. You take half damage for about 60 seconds, so that plus the added health will give you plenty of time to get to another blender to make another one or two depending on your needs.

That should be everything you need if you're going for efficiency and not just toying around with weapons. To be perfectly honest, I went through 90% of my first run through the game using nothing but the Spiked Bat, Defiler, Tenderizers, Pole Weapon, Knife Gloves and Pain Killers and they can all be made (except for the pain killers - but the Americana Casino is so close to the safe house) inside Royal Flush when you're on your way out to Fortune Park and other areas of the game.
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User Info: cficare

7 years ago#8
One that's not readily available to make, but is awesome is the dinner plates + grinder combo. Slices threw zombies like butter.

User Info: breadisgood

7 years ago#9
Knife Gloves are probably best all round, but the Super BFG is ridiculous for clearing out big areas of zombies.

User Info: DolPhinHater

7 years ago#10
Freedom Bear is one of the best if you want a safety measure. It basically acts as a sentry, and you can find the ingredients for it easy in the Americana, which is right next to the Royal Flush.
Giant stuffed bear+ LMG= Freedom Bear.
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