Help me co-op please

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User Info: domesplitter13

4 years ago#1
Tonight, 1/4/2013. Gettin on bout 8:30 pm pst tonight. I got up to case 3 complete.

Please have a mic.


GT: domesplitter13

User Info: dsb333

4 years ago#2
Still need a partner?

I need both of the co-op achievements and have actually never played this game co-op. Perhaps we could play together? If not, I'm open to other invites as well. I have a headset.

GT: BlackDeath3
Dead Rising Survivalist: 16 Days, 18 Hours, 21 Minutes.
Back in the day, I was 16th on Earth! Currently ranked 60th.

User Info: TheProdigal713

4 years ago#3
I'm looking for co op partners also. Add me gt in sig
Have you seen that movie on Lifetime about that woman?
GT: StocktonSlap
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