Is this a buy-worthy game?

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User Info: PyRo9492

4 years ago#1
Me and my co-worker are looking for awesome co-op games to play and one thing we decided was a must was at least one zombie game. So right now we are torn between dead rising 2 and dead island. A few things we are worried about are:

Is there a time limit like the 72 hours in the first

Is the co-op worth it

Can we just kill endless zombies if we wanted to

Finally, does it have that keeps-you-playing drive or does it get old after a while

any help would be appreciated and i don't care about spoilers, just killing zombies
gamertag: PyRO9492

User Info: frostbyte_76

4 years ago#2
i think it is, i just got this for 20$ a bit ago and wouldn't have regretted spending full price on it

then again, i f***ing loved the first game when i got my first 360, i got that and perfect dark zero which was ok i guess

it's really an unmatchable experience if you get into it, but it's also easy to get burnt out on if you play it relentlessly

this game's also a lot easier to appreciate if you like your videogames to be older school types of videogames than interactive movies, the time limit isn't as bad as people make it out to be, as long as you're not ocd about the time and plethora of missions it won't hurt your experience

User Info: Billy-De-Kid

4 years ago#3
I would recommend Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, it has an extra area, more combo weapons, more Pyscopaths, and an overall more likable character, in my opinion. It is an improvement.

Off the Record isn't DLC, its just kind of a remake of Dead Rising 2. It should be cheaper to, since its just a remake.
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