Perfect Run? HOW?

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User Info: VFansss

6 years ago#1
Hello buddy!

I finished the game once with the S final...

On my first playthrough answered to ALL the call from Stacey and I returned all the people who need help.
I also beat all the Psycho.

So,in theory,I should have all the characters in the diary.
But I realized that isn't that.

So I serched around as I discovered that some cases doesn't show up by a Stacey's call.
It's right?

My quest is:

What are they? There's a list of this "underground" quest? When and where can I start it?

I want to save all the folks during the second playthrough :')

Thanks in advance for help!

User Info: wen_kai168

6 years ago#2
There are a lot more things to do on a perfect run other than saving ppl you know.

User Info: GreenTeaLover

6 years ago#3
Did you try getting the Leadership Magazine at Silver Strip (Or was it Platinum strip) in a Bingo place just opposite a bar? It helps a lot to bring Survivor around with you. If I'm not mistaken there are about 10 survivors that do not appear in missions but rather you have to look out for them around the entire area at different times.

And, it is very possible to save everyone without the need to sacrifice (Well, there are three survivors that are particularly annoying to get them as you have to gamble with them at Poker and actually have to beat them to it! You need the three gambling magazines to make it easier.)

User Info: Notnilc_Yelmurc

6 years ago#4
Theres Tape it or Die crew on the third(or fourth i forget) day they dont pop up on the quest log and you can save them on the final day theres Snowflake and Lenny that never pop up and finally theres the High Rollers poker club that never pops up that you have to say :) google em

Now you Know!~

(theres also soldiers that need rescued on the final day before the Overtime mode and on the WWJWD? theres a man hiding)

User Info: Notnilc_Yelmurc

6 years ago#5
Double posting FTW.

I just completed a 100% run if you need help add me

Avous Yelmurc (gamer tag for xbox/windows live)

if you are a ps3 owner (im not a fan of sony)

Then check out this guys videos he shows how to do a 100% run through its the guide i used.

User Info: Notnilc_Yelmurc

6 years ago#6
forgot one last guy lol

Janus on Day 2

hes outside the Atlantica Casino you need a gun to get him
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