singstar or lips?

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User Info: Martz11

8 years ago#1
ok, i own lips but was wondering if singstar was better at judging singing talent? as on lips you get more points by just shaking the mic in rythem :| please no fan boy suggestions, as i am a PS fanboy lol but would like a valid opinion


User Info: ztype85

8 years ago#2
I only own Singstar, but my best friend has Lips so I play a lot of that as well. Singstar awards you bonus points for consistently singing well and when hitting the golden notes. Whereas Lips awards you bonus points for the twisty, twirly stuff, and using vocal techniques like vibrato, etc. In my opinion, if you're playing either of these games for high score attack, then you're doing it wrong!

Sure when I'm alone I'll sing a few songs out of boredom, but these games are more for gathering your friends and making yourselves look like idiots. Considering that, if you like Lips, than there's no reason not to play Singstar too because there's way more songs to choose from simply due to the fact that Singstar is the long-running king of this genre and Lips is the young upstart. Also the PSEye can be used, so not only can you act like idiots, you can also record yourself acting like idiots, and save it to your hard drive for future embarrassment. Not only that but you can upload it to the Singstar social network straight from the game and see how your shenanigans match up with the rest of the world's. I thought the community was pointless at first, but after using it once I can safely say, the ability to see other people sharing your love of making a complete fool out of yourself directly from the game is a great feature that I use often now.

It's really just fluff though when you think about it though. When it comes down to it, both games can provide a lot of fun for those nights when you just want to get some beer (or soda?), order a couple pizzas and kick back at home with your boys and act stupid. So if you own both systems, there's no point in not having both games. They're pretty much identical, and more options means more songs.

User Info: NineT9

8 years ago#3
Gotta agree with the guy above

I think comparing the gameplay itself is pretty even, they both have their advantages

But I think 3 things simply make SingStar amazing:

1) PS3 Eye

2) SingStar community

3) Huge list of Songs (700 Online, another 100+ in backwards compatibility PS2 games)

All 3 of which Lips doesn't have

I think its like comparing Halo to any other shooter, all pretty much the same until you play online, Halo is just better in that aspect. (Though this is a pretty big generalization)

User Info: Squeeky

8 years ago#4
Good comparison.
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