Fav Charater to use?

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User Info: exiazer00

8 years ago#1
Who's your favorite character to use?

mine= Assassin or Rin

User Info: Monkeypuppet

8 years ago#2
Lancer and Zero Lancer.
"My enemies scatter in suicidal situations. Never to witness the wicked **** that they was facin."

User Info: D2BRO

8 years ago#3
Shirou, Saber and Kirei.

User Info: Meloman

8 years ago#4
Definitely Luviangelita. She's such a snobby piece of crap. I love it :D

Killing someone by knocking them down and slapping them in the face until they die is just plain awesome, and the forklift throw looks absolutely painful.

I also like Bazett too, but I never have an opportunity to use her EX move.

User Info: alyasangel

8 years ago#5
Saber and Archer

User Info: 23phantom

8 years ago#6
Luviangelita love her, and the smacking is priceless
Show me the true power of SOLDIER! -Genesis
Embrace your dreams... And whatever happens... Protect your honor....AS SOLDIER! -Zack Fair

User Info: saltfish101

8 years ago#7
Saber Lilly, Rider and Zero Lancer

User Info: thefurywithin43

8 years ago#8
archer, shirou, kirie (sp?) and gilgamesh
im meh with the first two
sucks with the latter
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User Info: cimoa

8 years ago#9
archer and saber
"I Love Apples....", I'm a Shinigami...
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User Info: DyGenGuar

8 years ago#10
Strike with Soul and Sword
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