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User Info: Auronff10

8 years ago#1

The Fate/Unlimited Codes board is number 8 on the Top 10 Message Boards list

User Info: Muv-Luv

8 years ago#2
You're welcome.

User Info: zergslayer69

8 years ago#3
I was afraid this would never see top 10 as you'd usually see a brand new game get up there for the sake of being a new release. Good thing the fate crowd isn't as small as I thought!

User Info: Cannibal_Phish

8 years ago#4
Damn straight!

Same thing happened when the PS2 version was released, it's nice to know this aint so niche after all!
"Here I come, King of Heroes- do you have enough weapons in stock?"- Shirou Emiya

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