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User Info: Lonelyxx

8 years ago#1
how do i unlock the entire 2nd column in visuals? except the other section because i already got

and how do i unlock the last 2 things in material/uc
i've done arcade on everyone and im missing 2. (dont say saber alter, zero lancer, and the other unlockable characters because i already unlock their stuff in material/uc)
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User Info: Greg13221

8 years ago#2
Unlock the 2nd picture by beating standard survival modes (15 wins). The last 2 material is Illya and a skeleton. Beat arcade mode with caster twice, and beat arcade mode with berserker twice.
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User Info: jackerisking

8 years ago#3
Each person I might add you have to beat survial with just to get the 1 pic in visual collection.
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