Enemy too noob on arcade mode?

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User Info: jordjmax

8 years ago#1
In the option, i set the cpu to hard. so it only effects vs cpu, and not in arcade mode? arcade mode the enemy still very nub.

User Info: ayakyunik

8 years ago#2
I noticed this too...I think the AI in the PSP version is toned down way too much =/
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User Info: ravdomezehis

8 years ago#3
I think it's only for the first three matches. After that, the AI improves.

User Info: sonofm8

8 years ago#4
no trust me they dont one example was when i was saber i excalibured once
he did not block and i excalibured again for the finish and still he did not block
another occurence is when i was kirei i used his special the one where he punches
the opponent and end with a dark energy blast they never blockd it ever i could go
on but i wont and the only cpu i think is strong is berserker he is damm strong and
btw i wanna ask a question can lancer's gae bolg be blocked thanks in advance
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User Info: desufin

8 years ago#5
Yes it can be blocked.

And I find the difficulty in arcade to fluxate alot, some fights just seem way too easy, but Hard does seem to affect it, atleast past the three first fights as they start to block alot more.

But yea, in arcade it just seems either very random or specific to certain fights (second to last tending to be harder than the last, with exception if Gilgamesh or Berserker is last, those can be a -pain-).

User Info: Muv-Luv

8 years ago#6
Agreed, this is my first time playing and I could easily get Perfect on Normal Arcade.

Though it gets much harder if you select Hard mode, although the first few fights will still be easy.

User Info: sonofm8

8 years ago#7
not really the only tough opponent i feel is berserker it was like as if the cpu is programmed
just to use berserker i hate fighthing him he blocked my assasin's ex twice........
your soul will fuel the record of the almighty devil dragon

User Info: alyasangel

8 years ago#8

In hard mode, only 1 ennemy, sometimes 2 ennemy are really strong, often the 5th fight and the last, but the rest still noob -_-

Sombody has try the survival ? maybe the real challenge of the game =)

User Info: Ashgail

8 years ago#9
Try survival. I've cleared it with Saber Alter. Out of 16 matches, the last 5 or 4 matches had a hint of challenge in it. I cleared survival on Normal, and I guess the few last matches were on Arcade. Try on hard, who knows the AI'll get better
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User Info: farispie

8 years ago#10

this is why i like the ps2 version more but i cant play it since my modchip burned out ..........

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