Enemy too noob on arcade mode?

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User Info: thefurywithin43

8 years ago#11
gilgy kinda slacks till the grail fills up then he goes into omg-beast-mode like wtf
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User Info: SithLordShuyink

8 years ago#12
I never played an easier fighting game than this. It has never been so easy to do combos and get perfects in every match =\ even after changing the AI to hard : [ still its fun game to play! i just wish it would of been a harder game =\
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User Info: Greg13221

8 years ago#13
Try ultimate mode
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User Info: dalian

8 years ago#14
It's up and down, i usually play best 3 out of 5

Gilgamesh tends to wake up after i win 2/5 rounds and then starts getting serious in the third

Berserker is annoying and the guy whose name eludes me (looks like a priest) likes to take advantage of any whiff...

then again these impressions were before i figured out the Fighting system since then things have been way too easy, oh well it's still a fun game.

They are way too passive, they like to let you beat them senseless and when the grail is almost filled they block and chip you to get HG mode but at that point it's too late
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