Instant jump cancel

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User Info: Elsan

7 years ago#1
I can't seem to get past that. How do I do it? Right now, I've paused the game with Saber after trying with some other.

Some other topic give solutions with ABC but I don't understand how they translate for Fate/ codes.

User Info: Black_Assassin

7 years ago#2
If you can cancel a move by jumping, you can input a special move after that by inserting the jump there.

Archer example: 46b can be jump canceled, but can't be canceled with 22c. Combine the two, and you get 46b 228c, which works.

User Info: Viriless

7 years ago#3
I went through the training with saber as well and just at that point because I couldn;t find any saber specific instant jump cancels. All I found were many of the other characters like archer.

I spent about an hour trying to find one and quit with her.

You don;t get anything for completing training anyways I believe.
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User Info: Battlenote

7 years ago#4
Saber can Instant jump cancel off her weak uppercut special 46a, just make sure you use another special to do the cancel. I use 66b or in the cancels sense 668b
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