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User Info: Myrkr_Ormr

5 years ago#1
I am interested in seeing the anime, so i have some questions (and i know this is a gaming board but i couldnt think of anywhere else to ask):

If i heard right, there are 2 or 3 different Fate anime series, which one should i watch first, if it matters?
I was assuming Fate Stay/Night, but im new to this series so im not sure lol

my other question is does any of the series have funny moments, seriousness is all fine and dandy, and im aware the Fate series is not specifically a comedy genre anime, but imma comedy lover so having some comic relief or funny parts are always nice.

Would appreciate the knowledge! Thanks
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User Info: perfectchaos83

5 years ago#2
The anime is alright. As someone who's played the VN and seen the anime, the anime leave out a lot of information. If you want an order in which I'd recommend the series I would go: Fate and UBW routes in the VN -> Anime and UBW Movie -> Heaven's Feel Route in the VN -> Light novel Fate/Zero and/or Anime.

The original anime has segments of both Fate and UBW so in order to not be spoiled as much I'd go that route. The only really important thing is that Fate/Zero should be last since it Spoils a lot of F/SN's surprises.
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User Info: BlueswordsX

5 years ago#3
The thing about VN being better isn't simply about quality but rather that it is the full story that completes the themes. The route order is mandatory, they aren't just 3 random alternate tales like most VN, but rather each is meant to build upon the themes of the last, and turn established expectations on their sides. In many ways, the route covered by the anime is setting up for the second route that immediately follows.

While the second route has a movie, it is basically a fight montage for fans that already read it, rather than something that tries to come close to adapting the experience.
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User Info: AvantgardeAClue

5 years ago#4
Anime is not as bad as everyone makes it out, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The only problem with it though is that it's like the "express" version of F/SN, and the other routes are arguably better.

If you're in a rush, watch the anime, but be sure to come back to the VN and the other routes.
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