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User Info: Richybenno54

5 years ago#1
I know I'm a bit late but I have only just realised that they have taken Fate/Unlimited Codes off the PSN Store. I read some other comments on the board and it seems like there's a work-around where you can download the game digitally through the following link:

The only problem is that there's a little disclaimer :"Downloads to U.S. addresses only"
The problem with that is that I live in Australia.
I've never dealt with Gamestop before but it seems that after you purchase the game, you will receive a confirmation code in your email, so I'm not sure exactly what the disclaimer is referring to precisely. What I'm basically asking is, would I still be able to use the Gamestop code to download the game even if I live in Australia? I really want my hands on the game, since I love the Fate franchise and I'm kicking myself for not buying it earlier. Any help would be dearly appreciated.

User Info: Stray_Zero

5 years ago#2
A couple of possible reasons could be this...

1. Can only be downloaded on a US PSN account when you get your redeem token.
2. I guess the digital download code can only be bought in the US (or possibly a US address and area codes and stuff).

Besides, if you need it badly, feel free to PM if necessary. Or you can try to find a way to buy it yourself.
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