need help with couple of quests!

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  3. need help with couple of quests!

User Info: SuRiBrI

6 years ago#1
First with bosparanian recipe,can someone tell me where to find the fifth piece,i can't find it anywhere!

Second, Convincing arguments.Where do i find alrico's sword?After i spoke to him it said that i also spoke to sooroman's thugs at the dueling ground, but i didn't do that and i don't know where to find them.

And third, the innkeeper's heartache.How do i get a lock of Rumpo's hair??

User Info: KPardo

6 years ago#2
For Convincing Arguments, go to the duelling arena in town and speak to the red headed guy. He'll offer Alrico's sword for 15(?) ducats or you can fight him for it. I suggest you fight for it. They're not that tough. After that speak to Alrico; wait for him to reach Rumpo. Then speak to Rumpo to get his approval.

The Innkeeper's Heartache can only be finished if you completed Convincing Arguments. Speak to Rumpo again and choose the dialogue option that mentions how eloquent he is. You have 3 choices, the significant ones are: pickpocket to get the lock of hair or use Jakon's option and he will remark that Rumpo is under some sort of enchantment. I haven't finished the recipe quest yet.
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  3. need help with couple of quests!

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