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User Info: jloehr

8 years ago#1
After playing the first what are things you want changed in the second?

Here is my list:

1) I'd like to be able to pick any character model from the correct race for my character rather than linking it to the class
2) I'd like to be able to flag special moves as fire at will for non selected party members
3) I'd like it if monsters couldn't run through my fighters to attack my spell casters
4) I'd like any bad permanent effects to tell me how to get rid of them when I click on them
5) More items that make you immune to bad effects and have them last longer.
6) Tell me when I am using a skill that needs a tool (lock pick)
7) A per character option to auto harvest
8) I'd like to be able to hire NPCs to craft weapons and identify items
9) I'd like the mini-map to rotate with my view
10) When you first start getting shoulder armor, please make it more low key than the bronze stuff
11) No quest items/armor that look silly. Maybe a choice in style/class?
12) I'd like my characters to sheath their weapons when not in combat

User Info: Duravon

8 years ago#2
1) Better endgame equipment and effects. The first only had "I hit harder" and "I live longer" as the only real upgrades. It would be nice to have a "I swing faster," "I move quicker," "I cast faster," type of effects as upgrades. The rings and amulets had really boring effects. I guess I was spoiled by some of BG2's accessories.

2) The enemies running to casters/range and sticking makes diminishes the effectiveness of the tank quite a bit. Hopefully they allow tanks to have some kind of attention grabbing skills.

User Info: Zharziss

8 years ago#3
The problem with those wishes are that the game is based on the TDE p&p roleplaying game ruleset and none of these options exist in it - unless you go extremely deep into the ruleset. For example with the TDE spell modification rules it is possible to cast spells faster but it would mean a significantly greater chance that spells miss altogether. The other effects you'd like (running faster, swining faster) are not possible unless again through spells or articats that have complex spells in them that would grant those effects.

As for your 2) I fully agree though. I can understand that humans would attack e.g. a magician first as they see him as the greastest and most unpredicatable threat but in Drakensang absolutely all enemies seem to charge the most fraglie characters first which makes no sense at all.

User Info: Dolethor

8 years ago#4
Crafting should be more useful, spells more balanced.

I don't mind the quicker cast but higher failure. Auto targetting of enemies by mages would make them much more useful. Kinda like the BG AI. Say 3 tanks bash at this one critter, make the make cast a spell on someone completely different.

If you could have sidequests like Baldur's Gate, that would be godly. The game had this effect of seeming very deep. Drakensang had some sidequests but needs more. More fluidity, it obviously fell like you were going on raids in the countryside than a true story.

Better story

Some skills suck, make them more useful. Traps, Dwarven nose, streetwise, even the social skills(solved by having sidequests), move silently, all need to be used more, better balanced. More opportunities to roleplay, and thus replayability. Pickpocketing was already a good move, only some characters that really invest in that will make full use of the talent. Make it so that not all 15 melee classes play the same. More race armors, lots of weapons, every melee class has 1-2 talents that accompany them, make use of those a lot then to differentiate between playthroughs.

More of everything!
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