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User Info: specture18

6 years ago#1
potion of battlemight a8b479b52cd8

magica combattiva ring 14bb5655458d

Ring of healing 3aed77ac2edf

Ring of deception c458aec126d6

codes For of collector edition

weapon: Aleopheus black tongue


armor: Aleopheus thorn armor


User Info: drago20040

6 years ago#2
after u enter them. where do u acquire them?

User Info: noone369

6 years ago#3
In Nadoret when you walk off your ship and go up the stairs there will be a man by a horse. He will give you these items.
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User Info: drago20040

6 years ago#4
thx very much!!! :D

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User Info: virumor

6 years ago#5
Do you need to put in three different codes for the collector's edition?

User Info: kozzy1234

6 years ago#6

Thanks bud! All of them worked! haha, very nice! :)

User Info: drago20040

6 years ago#7
darn, i thought it would be a cool looking armor and sword....but thx anyway :D

any of u guys know a game that has cool weapon and armor designs? (exple. Lineage 2)
i want to try any game that has cool looking wpn an armr design, but an offline one. im getting tired of ol games. and yes L2 is an ol game but i got tired of it, they hav awesome wpn and armor designs!!! XD

games ive tried so far:
drakensang the dark eye
drakensang the river of time
divinity 2 the dragon knight saga(also has ego draconis) and im still trying to aquire flames of vengeance

so, can u guys help me out? :D

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. ~Epictetus

User Info: NeoGutsman

6 years ago#8
@virumor: Nope, those are actually very long, single-line codes. I highlighted the entire code, hit Ctrl+C, went into the code section of the game, then hit Ctrl-V. Enter the code and you're set!

Oh, and everyone note that my US version of the game displays the names of the Aleopheus items in German (same meaning), though the descriptions themselves are in English:

Aleopheus thorn armor = Aleopheus' Dornenpanzer
Aleopheus Black Tongue = Aleopheus' Schwarze Zunge

Finally, as mentioned above, the collector's edition codes for the above two items work just fine for the recently-released US version of the game. I got my copy from ImpulseDriven.com last week.
Tis the journey, not the destination.

User Info: virumor

6 years ago#9
The armour is very good for a rogue.
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