So how long is this game?

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User Info: PS3Fanman159

6 years ago#1
Never played any Alice games before but I've seen some videos for this and it looks really neat. Also with it actually having two games in one, that's a pretty good deal. I heard there was five chapters in Madness Returns but altogether with the first and second games, how many hours of gameplay?

User Info: -Damien-

6 years ago#2
Pretty long for action platformer, around 17-20 hours

User Info: robtion

6 years ago#3

It is long! It took me well over 20 hours.

User Info: thunderbreak

6 years ago#4
How long is madness returns itself?
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User Info: XlYesterdaYlX

6 years ago#5
it feels like forever. but im not complaining.

User Info: thunderbreak

6 years ago#6
Well, in terms of hours, what can I expect?
Don't get mad, get even
-Terry Bogard CvS2

User Info: JusticeLeaguer8

6 years ago#7
15 to 20 hours for Madness, 10 to 15 hours for the original. It depends on whether or not you're more of an explorer type. Definitely play the first one before the second though; many think the story is inconsequential to the sequel, and they may be right, but I still think it's important. Plus, the gameplay of the original feels archaic after playing the second... you'll go to double jump or dodge or perform a rapid sequence of attacks and it won't happen. You should definitely get it though, and I think right now it's 33% off on Amazon.

User Info: lifekillsthesou

6 years ago#8
I just posted this on the PC board, but I feel it applies to this one as well.

I just completed it tonight with 96%. I'm sure it took me well over 20 hours. I love to look around and take in the fantastic art design. I loved the game and was sad to see it end, but yes some levels did seem to keep going. I think my only concern with that is just wanting to see how the story plays out. Maybe also instead of each chapter being as long as they were, to have shorter levels, but more chapters.

Part of the reason I spend so much time looking at the environments, weapons and characters designs is because I have been using Maya since 2006. Before I ever started doing 3D, I would look around, but now I look around and am able to see how something was built. I just finished working on a project I started 3 and a half years ago, and I hope to start looking for a job soon. I posted the video on YouTube, and here is a link for anybody who is interested.

Thanks for taking the time to look at these.

Here is another one I finished in 2007, but recently re rendered at a higher resolution with updated texture and lighting settings.
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User Info: GreatKazooMan

6 years ago#9
Some have complained at it being too short a game, but I beat Super Mario Sunshine in 2 hours once so this being 15-20 hours is a nice thing to take part in. I'm playing the game for the fourth time and just really blitzing through due to having everything other than a few trophies, but I am very observant, so I still notice things as I go along.

Many have stated they didn't really like the 5th chapter's visuals, but I really appreciate the really symbolical place....
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User Info: Ichiko_368

6 years ago#10
I'm about 6-8 hours in and i just started chapter 3.
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