this game is NOT under-rated.(spoiler)

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  3. this game is NOT under-rated.(spoiler)


6 years ago#41
"I am just curious as to why you would put yourself through something by choice that you were not enjoying."

maybe because i thought it was gonna get crazy- maybe some boss fights- maybe a suprise or 2... the ending was nifty-- but besides that- nothing really ever changed. i dont enjoy COD either- but for some reason i always sucker-up and keep playing (and yelling)

User Info: Second_Seraph

6 years ago#42
Allow me to interject. The Madness Returns didn't challenge or interest you, and consequently you feel the need to burst into the associated forums kool-aid man style and try to put down any enjoyment other people may have gotten out of it with extreme prejudice. Then, when the games fans attempt to defend the game's merits you express shock and disbelief that anyone could have felt differently than you.
I'm sorry but I don't really see where you're going with this. If you're not a troll, then what are you? A concerned citizen? Give me a break.

There are people who enjoyed this game and their worth as human beings is in no way diminished by that fact. This overdeveloped sense of entitlement you exhibit is offensive. As if all games should be specifically tailored to your standards and interests. Forget that, man. You're not that special.

User Info: Dark_Aero

6 years ago#43
While I do disagree with TC's opinion of the game, I feel that he IS entitled to his opinion. As for some unanswered questions, maybe he went and got all 1000/1000 gamerscore because he's just one of those people that want to have a really high gamerscore? As far as I've read, he isn't being very immature about anything like most trolls, so I don't find him to be a troll, really. TC COULD have avoided going on and posting more to reply to us, but then again, we didn't HAVE to post in this topic. Like I said, I disagree with his opinion on the game. I find this to be a beautiful game from the scenery, to Alice herself. I was intrigued by the storyline and had fun searching through all the nooks and crannies to find collectables. Im on my second playthrough and have yet to actually FIND all of the collectables, but Im still having quite a bit of fun. As for American McGees, Im struggling quite a bit with it. I must just be bad at it, because Im almost constantly dying...Is there a timing to her attacks? Anyway, if TC doesn't like the game, we shouldn't criticize him for it. After all, we all know that..Haters gonna hate.
^Lol Re-Deads.
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  3. this game is NOT under-rated.(spoiler)

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