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User Info: Zipper761882

8 years ago#1

I've seen links to many different trainers for this game already and have also tried the ones on gamecopyworld and none of them work. I really would like a trainer as I've already beaten the game god knows how many times on my 360. Not even really sure why I bought it for pc just kinda wanted to see if its any different lol. I guess I'll just have to wait for one to come out that does work. I think I know the problem why they arent working tho, They are for the right game version that I have however I have a newer GFWL version than all the trainers are for, mine is 3.089.0

If anyone finds one that works and is using the same version of GFWL as I am please post a link.And yes I know I could just play through it and unlock the infinite ammo the normal way but honestly after spending months playing it on 360 and working to unlock just about every weapons infinte ammo I simply cant bring myself to do it again.

User Info: Zipper761882

8 years ago#2
Just want to add that I have DX9 version I don;t have the newer hardware to run the DX10 version.

User Info: BigBoi19

8 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: the_delta

8 years ago#4

What method are you using for telling what version of GFWL you have? Properties on the xlive.dll file in the SYSWOW64 folder (system32 if you're on x86) may display 3.019, whereas viewing the properties of the GFWL exe will show 3.089. This is the case for me at least, and the +6 (+9 is available now) by KelSat works great for me, no CTDs.

User Info: Zipper761882

8 years ago#5

You are right about the version of GFWL. As for the Cheathappens trainer Ilive off a monthly income from my disability and my gaming cash isspent already for the month. Besides I just can't bring myselfto pay 50 bucks when the majority of the time trainers can be found for free on the internet. When they stop charging a fee that site will be one of my favorite sites but as it is now I don;t even go there. I just woke up today and I haven't tried any of the trainers yet but I see that some of them have supposedly been updated. I'll give it a whirl now. Thank for helping me with that GFWL version thing, its good to know if I need to know the right version I'm using.

User Info: Zipper761882

8 years ago#6
Nope still not working I tried all 3 of them off GCW. One of them said something about not being able to create file sc.dll in system32 cuz access is denied. but yet i checked and the file is there. so maybe thats why they arent working. anyway i guess ill stick the game on hold for a bit until one of the good coders gets a trainer working right. Thanks again for the help guys.

User Info: PhantWiz

8 years ago#7
@Zipper761882 -- You know that you can get one trainer at CH for $6.95 or a yearly membership for $24.95 ... you don't have to pay $50, that's only for a LIFETIME membership.

User Info: Zipper761882

8 years ago#8
PWizard posted...
@Zipper761882 -- You know that you can get one trainer at CH for $6.95 or a yearly membership for $24.95 ... you don't have to pay $50, that's only for a LIFETIME membership.

Not worth it for something that comes free the vast majority of the time. This is the first time in how many years that I haven't been able to find a working trainer for a game at GCW for free. Like I said earlier I can wait for someone to put one out that works. Appreciate the info tho.

User Info: Keranik

8 years ago#9
Don't buy Cheat Happens trainers they make you pay for.

Download Cheat Engine and make your own cheats for free and customized how you want them.

Just open game, open CE, search for your amount of bullets, alt-tab, re-search your new amount of bullets, repeat 2 or 3 times, bam infinite ammo for free and works for most if not all games to make your own.

User Info: Pnexus

8 years ago#10

Kelsat's trainer works perfectly.

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