Mega Trainer (DX9/DX10) from Cheat Happens

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User Info: mike_everich

8 years ago#1

I would really appreciate any help from anyone who purchased this trainer from Cheat Happens.

Let me explain what happens:

I went through the steps to use the trainer, I push F1 at the main menu and I hear "Trainer Activated", but then I hear a voice saying "On, Off, On, Off, On Off, On, Off, On, Off" constantly and it doesn't stop until I close out of the trainer.

Has anyone experienced this at all with this trainer?

I'm thinking about uninstalling the while game and re-installing it again.

I purchased a legal copy of the game and have tried a lot of the trainers suggested on this board, but did not have any luck with any of the other trainers.

My specs are:

icore 7 920
SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fata1ty PCI-E sound card
EVGA GTX 295 Co-Op PCI-E card

I have the latest NVIDIA drivers and sound card drivers also.

Thank you,

User Info: pouTHEstampede

8 years ago#2
Why don't you ask on their own forum?? They'd know more about it than us.
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User Info: crnagora

8 years ago#3
Yeah, ask them about their crappy pay-trainer.

Or go to and use the one from h4x0r. Works great and is free.

User Info: TylerID

7 years ago#4
Only reason why your trainers don't work is because you haven't updated your Xlive

User Info: CYBORG112

7 years ago#5
i lol'd

u payed for a trainer.
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

7 years ago#6
tc,u can get an unlocker provided by a user at cheathappen,its just a 100% save:)
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User Info: mike_everich

7 years ago#7
Yes, I know it's sad and pathetic.

I paid the $6.95 for it for the one time free trainer.

I've always used free trainers and I did try the other ones but I did not have good luck at all with them. I did try kelsat's and hx4or's, but they just didn't appear to work at all.

I did have Games for Windows Live updated to the latest as well.

Thanks though and in the future when I need a trainer, I'll just do some more extensive testing.

User Info: doraemonllh1989

7 years ago#8
h4xor trainer doesnt work well for me,their code works( some code may have bug,the inf gold working sudd for no reason), but it screw up my game such as first aid and g+r herb cant heal all the health,just heal like 1/10 of the health,health are abnormaly high ( take 3 rocket/blast to kill me instead of 1 in professional mode),im not sure is the cause of the whole trainer or just the inf health,so becareful when using those trainer,not sure is just my problem or not though
AMD phenomx4 9650| 9800gt 1 gig ddr3 | Corsair TwinX 2 gig ram ddr2 800mhz | ASUS M2N-E

User Info: Fayt16

7 years ago#9 get something to cheat?

That's... retarcensor ...
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User Info: AbsolutelyAlex

7 years ago#10

From: Fayt16 | #009 get something to cheat?

That's... retarcensor ...

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