Cheat console, god mode?

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User Info: GeorgeKI

7 years ago#1
I see RE5 is pretty high on the game forum listing, so thought it would be worth a go. Pretty much fun and such, but early in the game I need at least god mode or infinite health. I've tried all the different trainers and the game doesn't like them.

The game frequently crashes when using a trainer, any version +1, +2, +5, +6, +7, +12, +15, etc..

No cheat console, nothing to add to the game.exe line? I need a plain and simple answer... is there any way to get unlimited or infinite health by adding something or altering a file? Yeh, come on, call me a wimp or an idiot... I don't care!

User Info: Happy_MCG

7 years ago#2
. . .

User Info: Claptonvaughn

7 years ago#3
If using that many cheat engines hasn't worked for you, maybe you should just practice at the game. And no, I'm not bashing you for cheating. Just think of it in terms of practicality: how much time have you spent researching, downloading and testing all of these programs, not even including the time you're going to waste waiting for replies to this thread? In that time you could've just played the game and made progress.

So no, I'm not going to call you a wimp or an idiot. I'm going to call you a poor manager of time.

User Info: GeorgeKI

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: blastimpulseee

7 years ago#5
Yes, you are a wimp. If you don't even want to TRY getting better at the game and wish to resort to cheatting right away... wow. Just wow.

User Info: southbeatz1169

7 years ago#6
Early in the game on your first play through, you may not have enough weapons, ammo or good enough weapons and trying to melee dozens of enemies can be brutal and pointless but for the spots in the game where you get swarmed by many enemies there is often an exit of sort where you can run from them and either via a QTE or simply running until you escape can work.

The best solution is to practice until you can handle them and make each shot count until you have good weapons and enough ammo.

User Info: reyoo

7 years ago#7
I love hacking personally. Usually I do it after I complete a game though.


I find the best way to hack offline games is to use what is called a memory editor often times you can also use this tool to make your own trainers. Just requires a bit of reading.
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User Info: castvania

7 years ago#8
Play on Amateur, beat the game, play on amatuer again, finish it under 5 hrs, get unlimited rocket launcher ammo = practically invincible
Gamertag - Castvania

User Info: EndofEternityxx

7 years ago#9
Or just practice... this game's not too difficult. Especially not after getting the hang of how it works.
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User Info: Wolves69

7 years ago#10

I have trainer 15+ sometimeloading screen or alt+tab or cut scenes or door =games wentcrashed, I turn on unlimited ammo & health then alt+tabI closed trainer screen then back games played long without crashed :)

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