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User Info: the_doormat

7 years ago#1
As an addendum to my in-depth strategy guide, I thought I would open up another thread for people who had questions about anything I've written or had specific offensive plays they had issues stopping. I cannot promise perfect results but I haven't witnessed anything unstoppable this year. I will address a question not asked by anyone but something that came up recently and maybe some people have had issues with this?


As almost anyone knows, this year play action is somewhat abusable since there is no run or pass commit. Some players run a LOT of play action, and it works especially if they have a decent running game. But some don't run at all and just use play action.

Defending this style of play is not about calling an exact play that stops it. Man D is mostly useless as someone on your team will forget to cover his man. Zone D is somewhat unreliable because the LBs and Safeties often settle into their zones late, leading to breakdowns in coverage. So running a straight coverage scheme is risky but it can work. However, there is a more surefire method to stop 95% of play action passes using one of the 2 following strategies:

1. A Gap Nano
- The A gap nano shoots between the center and guard, if you manually control the player designed to do the blitz, ignore the RB completely and head for the QB. You can almost always sack the QB before he is done faking the handoff in any singleback set and in many 2 RB sets. For example A Gap nanos, look for my write-up on 3-4 Normal later today or tomorrow morning if you don't know any.

2. Control an outside LB on the edge.
- Every play action pass fakes the run. If you rush the edge like a pass the O-lineman on your side will dig in for the run, letting you fly by him. For slow, methodical runs this lets you hit the RB from behind for minimal gain. For PA Passes, you get a free shot at the QB before he can throw. Even better, he panics and you hit him as he throws to get a pick.

Overall: Neither of these are fool-proof. They can be slowed down enough for PA to be effective. However, all you need is for it to work once a drive. If you sack them for a 7 yard loss, now it's 2nd and 17 and you've proven you can sack them before they can pass it. The majority of players will give up on PA with one or two of those and even if they don't if it works once a drive you can shut them down and make them punt/turn it over on downs.

User Info: EIsMe

7 years ago#2
1. A Gap Nano...

I just hopped back on this board recently for Franchise stuff, but I'm amazed that you would suggest a player using the nano blitz.
You do know that is exploiting a glitch with Madden 10. You should never use one glitch to counter a glitch.
Infact the play action pass isn't even a glitch.
Unfair + Unfair doesn't get you anywhere.

I myself would suggest never using the nano blitz for any reason. If you have enough skills you should not have to resort to that technique. People that learn that technique do nothing but nano blitz all game and there is only a couple counters for that, but when you counter a nano blitzing player they usually quit, because that's all they got.
In other words, they are usually no skill players that don't know anything about football or reading plays so they cheat to get by.

From what I read, you seem to be someone that has good if not excellent madden skills, and you can obvious read plays, otherwise you wouldn't be able to come up with all this stuff; so I'm not not taking any shots at your skills.
It's just there are a lot ways to stop a play action pass without promoting unfair play.
**Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.**

User Info: the_doormat

7 years ago#3
A nano is an overload blitz with 5 or 6 rushers. It's called a nano because the speed of madden is somewhat unrealistic and it can sack very quickly. Maybe in Madden 08 the nanos were cheap but in 09 and 2010 they are simply smart overload blitzes. Basically what I suggest to do is to blow up the play through the hole created by rushing 5 guys on either side of the line or 6 guys spread out. The RB isn't staying in to block in PA and 6 rushers means a quick sack.

The only nano I've seen exploit the blocking ever was the 3-man nano from Madden 08. All others I've ever seen mirrored some degree of real world blitz. Oh, and EA doesn't consider it an exploit. It is an expected, standard strategy for the Madden Challenge and always has been, whereas fake field goals/punts, motioning players in certain formations and accepting a holding penalty on a field goal is considered cheap and is outlawed as well as many other things like stupid position subs.

Anyways, I use the term nano to mean quick, effective blitz that will sack the QB if he doesn't have a quick read or doesn't keep the RB in to block.

User Info: EIsMe

7 years ago#4
I see what you mean and it is true that it’s a madden challenge, but have you ever played against someone that has perfected the Nano Blitz?

Sure it’s an overload blitz and they do that in real life. I’ve seen Ray Lewis do many of those so called Nano Blitzes. So yeah I’ve seen that in real life.

The point that I am making is regardless of the all of that, if a player perfects just the Nano Blitz, it doesn’t matter if you keep both HBs in to block and you pinch the line, the defender will get in. Now any way you look at that, that’s not real life play.

The Nano Blitz I am talking about is regardless if you have 7 or 8 players blocking, all it actually takes is 3 defenders to Nano blitz to get in. I know this because I learned how to do this in practice just to learn how to defend it online. Right there I think that’s an AI glitch. In real life no one will get in for a sack with that many players blocking.

In fact when I play against level 18 & up, I am extremely surprised when they don’t Nano Blitz. To me it seems like your leading others on path of what others call Cheesers.

I see you mean well, honestly no BS I see that, but even starting someone to do that doing more hurt than good. So on the play action thing, there so many ways to stop it, just with a regular defense that doesn’t even need adjustment. TE play actions can be stopped by simple cover 2s, WR Play actions can be stopped by a 4-3 cover 3, it’s so much I can go on and on, but it really matters on the opponent you are play against to make real adjustments. Wow after writing this long piece whatever you wanna call this thread, I see this probably doesn’t even matter, because noobs not newbies will take any advice to get better whether it’s cheesing or not just to stop losing. They should just go to practice mood and figure it for themselves.
**Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.**

User Info: subfighter23

7 years ago#5
what about guys who throw slants or post to the middle?

User Info: m_jay226

7 years ago#6
Say what you want, nano is a glitch.This is coming from a high level madden play who does not glitch. I honestly rather some one attempt to rocket catch all game(another glitch) or qb rollout(glitch number 2). At least those are somewhat defendable.If EA did not consider it a glitch, why would they take the time to attempt to patch it(read patch details). Madden challenge is all about money plays. From what I read your style is somewhat cheesy. More like not sim to be exact. No NFL team stays in shot gun most of the game, or nickel odd spilt or 1-5-5. Felix jones never played FB, Barber has though. And now you teaching nano. You could use nano to stop almost any play on madden not just play action. I more sim way to stop a play action is to blitz with man coverage and have one free safety. use that safety to manually cover playerss that frequently come open on play actions such as HB/FB or TE. I do not mean any offense. I am just going by what i see. It is good you are attempting to teach people to play madden but should focus more on teaching them how to play the game not on what play to call. Such as how to beat man, cover 2,3,4 and and blitzes. when to run and pass and how to effectively do both

User Info: the_doormat

7 years ago#7
I definitely do not play sim. Playing sim has NEVER been the way Madden has been played or was intended to be played. Ever been to a Madden tournament? If you want to play sim play offline franchise. Going online to play ranked games is about winning. Granted you do need to know how to read coverages and make smart choices, but also understanding the fundamentals of the game is equally if not more important.

Logical argument aside, I won't be teaching anyone anything that isn't particularly easy to figure out or that isn't stoppable. No matter what anyone says(and being a high-ranked player means nothing to me because the majority if not all of the high-ranked players I beat either cheat or suck, having more time to play madden does not equate to knowing more about it necessarily, and I don't consider anyone ranked below a level 25 high-ranked), there is no unstoppable nano. Defense is at a huge disadvantage this year vs so many different plays and schemes when playing on All-Pro. At least at tournaments it is All-Madden so it takes a lot of that away.

By the way, I think it is funny when people use the word cheese when referring to playcalling or game strategy. It is a game. When most people use the word cheese they mean "annoying to stop." Calling something cheese in a competitive game that is played for money in many major cities will get you laughed at or called a b**** in person. The word cheese should only be used for people who do stuff like go offsides every play when the loss is guaranteed or D/C glitch. I don't even consider people who call the same play every play cheesers, even if it is effective. I just stop them and win.

To sum it up, don't try to call me out. I am teaching the scheme I used this year to win a couple of minor tournaments and that I royally messed up to get knocked out of the Madden Challenge. I am doing it because most players do not know a lot of fundamental things about how Madden works and by understanding that it can bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots. If you have a problem with that then don't read further. But I would appreciate it if you didn't comment unless you have a legitimite question.

User Info: the_doormat

7 years ago#8
Hey subfighter, stopping the middle slant or middle post can be annoying. Especially if it's not every play or is mixed with the outside throws as well. Most people who throw the slant do it from the slot because the outside receiver will get killed by a large percentage of zone blitzes(and most everyone only plays zone).

To cover the slant is genreally pretty simple. If it's always to the same receiver make sure a hook zone(yellow) is dropping to the are of the slant. A LB or DE is suitable. For the post a LB in the middle can be enough but not necessarily and a deep zone can be too deep. So have both and hit him when he catches it or put the safety in the Yellow and LB in the deep. A play like Nickel-Odd Split Cover 3 can be used against this strategy.

User Info: m_jay226

7 years ago#9
Your logic is flawed, you basically saying the only way to be a good madden player is to cheese, glitch or trick the AI.I have a 70% win percentage online. Probably would be in mid 80's if i did not let friends play on my account. I played over 100 games. Only play level 15's or higher with good records or 20's and higher with good record. I play in local tournaments in the two major cities I live in. Always do well.

If the things aren't hard to figure out then why you taking so much time explaining things.If people really wanted to know how to nano or any other strategy use in the EA challenge, they could simply pull up a youtube video. Nothing hard about that.

User Info: ClubKid

7 years ago#10
what is a good play to call to prevent a huge gain from a WR or RB screen without leaving yourself wide open for a short TE pass or WR drag??

for example to many people online call screen after screen after screen and once i finally find a play to blow it up they still line up the same but then dump it to the TE or drag the 3rd WR for a decent gain so i then call something to stop that and they go right back to the screen

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