Dante Stallworth suspended for the season.....

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User Info: dahkme

8 years ago#41
"Do any team season ticket holders say they will cancel their PSLs if their team signs Stallworth?"

I would in a heartbeat
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User Info: reflex7

8 years ago#42
Pickyouname is a dime-store philosopher.
Israel Defense Forces

User Info: SolGrave

8 years ago#43
I never knew there were soo many whiny ass babies screaming on this board. To the poster at the top of this page grow a pair, focus on something else other than protesting vick and others we have PETA for that. If you wanna stop supporting your team if they make a pickup then bye, I guarantee NO one would miss you. And the last time I checked you weren't God, no of us are so who are you or anbody else to pass judgement on a man, who has served his time or what have you and tell him he can't feed his family?
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User Info: roflwafflesauce

8 years ago#44
Fact of the matter is this, You cannot compare Stall's situation to some Joe Schmoe working at a mom and pop company.

The NFL is a much larger Corporation then any standard organization, and their players have a VERY short shelf life.

The average NFL Career is 3 years give or take a year. If you were to double it for Dante he would still only have 6-8 years of productive earning potential.

For one man to have the power to reduce a mans earning potential that dramatically is not right. Its downright unamerican for one man to be the judge, jury, and executioner. He has drastically altered the life dante and his family by levying a punishment far more harsh then what the general public deems necessary.

User Info: SolGrave

8 years ago#45
Maybe its good that the league doesn't have a 50 year old female gamer as the commisioner, I doubt the league would be handle with the same diligence and impartial but tough mindset the commish is trying to enforce now. The guy is doing what he can with the cards he's delt. As for you at the top, you're out of you league, and being extra emo, and or struggling with menopause. Take your stupid ass protests to the correct board namely whiny PETA not here.
XBL Gamertag: Cloverfi3ld--- PS3 Gamertag: SolBadguy7---

User Info: e575

8 years ago#46

Isn't he under house arrest for 2 years?

User Info: Peyton_Hillis

8 years ago#47
It was more the guys fault than Dante's. The guy ran across the street, which is pretty stupid. Even if Dante wasn't really drunk he probably still would've hit the guy, because the guy was dumb enough to run across the street without paying attention.

User Info: Dat_ONE

8 years ago#48
Our legal system is guilty till proven innocent for most people and innocent regardless for rich and famous people. Has been for a long time.

Study Law, then come back and say that.

User Info: PrincessLenne

8 years ago#49
he idiotically jump into the street, he was also drunk. It wasn't totally Stallworth's fault.

Think about this, if Stallworth wasn't drunk that night, and the idiot still jump into the street, would you still want him to go to jail?

The only thing Stallworth did was drinking that night. If anything, Stallworth should just get a DUI WITHOUT manslaughter.

Yes, he was guilty of drinking & drive, but he the dead guy wasn't his fault.
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User Info: PrincessLenne

8 years ago#50
one more thing, that event didn't happen where there was a crosswalk. That guy probably is not legal here in United State, thus, he didn't know that people shouldn't cross the road without crosswalk here in United States. It's not right for us to send our own citizens to jail for years because he killed some illegals.

Roger Goodell is also a piece of crap for suspending him. He said he didn't suspend him because what he did was wrong, but because he brought shame to NFL's image. I guess the Patriots cheat by videotaping opponent won't turn the NFL into a joke league as much as Stallworth using his car as a catcher for some guy crossing the street without looking both ways.
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