Dante Stallworth suspended for the season.....

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User Info: JudmentsHand

8 years ago#51
ok i hate the patriots thing more than anybody but that post was too ignorant^

youre putting cheating in the same league as killing someone. i agree stallworth is getting too much punishment for something he couldnt really control even if he was sober, and i completely agree the comish let the pats off easy for cheating...but those are two completely different things that shouldnt be grouped together at all.
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User Info: SolGrave

8 years ago#52
Whoa PrincessLenne, who are you to say whether he was illegal or not? For all we know he was a US citizen, him being hispanic should have no bearing on the crime at hand at all. Are you stupid or just a stupid racist? Pick one, you only have two options.
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User Info: rodimus2010

8 years ago#53

I think its kinda funny Plaxico shot himself and is going to jail and Stallworth killed someone and he is free to go.

User Info: JudmentsHand

8 years ago#54
oh. my. god.

you are all so freaking stupid.

plaxico burres shot himself. not against the law
plaxico carried an illegal concealed weapon. against the law

stallworth drove drunk. illegal
someone ran out in front of his car. not stallworth's fault

read into something for once
Proud Indianapolis Colts Fan

User Info: Stixx32

8 years ago#55
I agree with Aussie 100% on this!
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User Info: GravyButt

8 years ago#56
Aussie James does not know what the heck he is talking about. Because, if you did, anytime that you are found legally under the influance (either alcohol or drugs) you are automatically at fault. Regardless. Also, his sentence for a DUI accident is longer then a 30 day stint.

Jaywalking isn't even a misdemeanor, its a ticketable offense and thats it. A DUI, let alone a DUI resulting in a pedestrian death is a felony.

It doesn't make one difference if Dante stayed there and called the cops. If you go up and shank someone because they walked into your knife and then stay there and called the cops, do you think that makes a difference? Stop talking immediately as you sound like a fool.

Money talks.

As for Vick's case. Hes a scumbag, and deserved what he got. But, after hearing about Stallworth only getting a 30 day stint, that really riled me up.
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User Info: saintsfan

8 years ago#57
Actually, you're the one that doesn't know what you're talking about.

Just because you're drunk doesn't instantly make you at fault in any situation.

The courts deemed that the man who was hit was at least partly at fault. They also stated that if completely sober, Stallworth would've most likely hit him anyway.

Doesn't change that Stallworth made a horrible horrible choice in driving drunk(we'll elaborate on this in a bit though). However, he's not some cold blooded killer.

Now, as for the circumstances of being drunk. Chances are, Stallworth felt completely sober. This was the morning AFTER he got completely hammered apparently. He didn't get drunk and then go joy riding, he got drunk, stayed off the road, woke up at 7 and left wherever he was.

Again, Stallworth was in the wrong, but the outrage over it is idiotic.

User Info: Djmavs531

8 years ago#58
i thought he was gonna be good with the browns but they only time i ever heard his name was in the manslaughter
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User Info: Froobradio

8 years ago#59
I read somewhere that Reyes practically jumped in front of his car.
So I dunnoooooooo
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