anyone else having trouble running the ball?

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  3. anyone else having trouble running the ball?

User Info: nastydog617

7 years ago#1
it seems as soon as my RB gets the ball he is getting tackled. im am looking for holes but there really isn't any and if there is they close down on it way too fast. My longest run is 9 yards in 6 games i've played

User Info: ksk99

7 years ago#2
I cant run either. I play as the Jets who have a good to great line yet every time I try to rush even I end up losing yards. I dont get it. Anyone have any advice for how to run?
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User Info: WongWei

7 years ago#3
use the panthers. deangelo is a monster. run outside with him cuz he's really quick.
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7 years ago#4
West. Brook.

User Info: Number23rulz

7 years ago#5
Try mixing up your plays and when you play them. Like for example if you run the ball on every first down the CPU will catch on. If you want to play action a lot as well and use SLIDE protection. I probably avg like 4.3 at best, just keep practicing
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User Info: trenken

7 years ago#6
Im not having any problems. Using Brandon Jacobs though which is ridiculous. I can plow over 5 guys and pull about 3 of them pretty regularly.

Be patient, look for holes, protect the ball til you break through, use shift protection, use your special moves, dont sprint until you have a little space. You dont need to follow the arrow the play has planned. Look for the best opening as the play develops.
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User Info: evilbobikus

7 years ago#7
Run block sliders.

User Info: lazy_titan

7 years ago#8
use chris johnson and that guy just to damn quick.

but ya mix up some PA and runs both inside and out. and watch your blockers and go with the design of the play dont try going out side the design unless your positive ur play completely broken down and even then 95 times out of a 100 you wont get more then a yard or two.
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User Info: ReillONeill

7 years ago#9
Depends on your Offensive Line as well. Titans O Line is so dominant, and they do a much better job of creating holes on the harder difficulties. So far running is a lot better than the previous Madden's.

And I hated the running game last year.
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User Info: superbob221

7 years ago#10
I obviously can not run with the saints but when I am looking to run i play with cowboys or panthers.
I can't seem to do anything with adrian peterson. I don't know why
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  3. anyone else having trouble running the ball?

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