Why the hell?

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User Info: Eviljoe727

7 years ago#1
Why the hell did Sega make the Bleach DS titles go from fighting to crappy turn-fighting RPG? BAD IDEA!

User Info: sophap

7 years ago#2

sega just wants to ruin bleach. reason why theres no next gen console bleach games like naruto or even dbz. we need more next gen console games made by the dbz or naruto team. i really wish they would bring yu yu hakusho, bleach, flames of recca etc like the new naruto shippuuden ultimate ninja storms graphics and gameplay or like the tenkaichi 3/raging blast gameplay and graphics. it seems only naruto and dbz is the only anime that gets all the next gen console releases why popular animes like bleach and inu yasha etc gets crappy handheld releases.

User Info: SpeedDemon20

7 years ago#3

Look at the Developer of each game. Blades of Fate and Dark Soul were developed by Treasure. The format of those games are very similar to some of Treasure's games, which were favorites of mine: Guardian Heroes (Sega Saturn) and Advance Guardian Heroes (GBA). The Developer of this game and the other one is Sega. Not sure what they were thinking since I love Guardian Heroes (which is similar to Castle Crashers, except exponentially better).
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