Worth the 800 points?

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User Info: Rebel_Dante

8 years ago#1
I really enjoyed TR:U but all the DLC lately all adds up and costs a bit much if I just download anything that looks interesting, so I was just wondering how good Lara's Shadow is to play as? Is the gameplay worth the 800 points?

User Info: Gothikaspawn

8 years ago#2
Take my word for it it's awful. You do the same process continously follow identical hallways, and are then asked to do the exact same thign again in the same level same order, only you do a part in reverse. Truely boring

User Info: sfzero3

8 years ago#3
well I didnt beat/finish Underworld but will do so after DLing Shadows & watching the opening in game cinematic. I was blown away. I also have the Ashes DLC & think thats cool as well. Heck 800pts for 1.2Gb of play sign me up. Compared to some of the crap on Live that are only like 100Kb for 800pts. Cough Gears 2, Cough[G2 Dlc is actually like 70Mb but even so its a rip off]. If youre a fan its worth it. Heck I love Gears 2 but thats not worth it to me. & if youre jaded like the 2nd poster dont bother. I think Underworld & its DLC is great, its not crap like Angel of Darkness.

User Info: ShadowTheNoob

8 years ago#4
i bought it and beat it earlier and i thought it was pretty cool and very fun to play so in my opinion its worth it. its not too hard to find all the treasures, i found 19/20 and the relic in my 1st playthrough (kicking myself that i missed 1 freakin treasure lol). anyways, i hope i helped :P

User Info: DigitalBloodUK

8 years ago#5
I've almost completed Lara's shadow and i'm more impressed with this one than Beneath the Ashes (that wasn't worth 800 points).

It's fun.

Gamertag: DigitalBloodUK

User Info: triplej

8 years ago#6
Personally I havnt beaten it yet, but I love it. Its lasted me longer than BTA did. And dont listen to the second poster, yes you do have to do things in reverse but it is a different sequence and traps are activated and you take different paths. Its definitley worth it.
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User Info: corn13

8 years ago#7
I like BTA even though it was short and really didn't have any dialogue to the story. But Lara's Shadow was longer it was worth the 800 pts to me. I wish Lara had some of the combat move like the doppelganger. To bad its the last of the DLC for TR:U. :(
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User Info: krammaii

8 years ago#8
Lara's Shadow is a repetitive, insta-death bore fest.
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User Info: Kozoku

8 years ago#9
*spoiler blah blah blah*

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