Lara's shadow is hawt!!

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User Info: FueledbyRageX

8 years ago#1
Ha ha! All leather and reddish here. SCHAWIIIING.
XBL GT: Fueled by Rage
This space is dedicated to the men & women of our armed forces-Thank you for your bravery!!!

User Info: NinjaBlowfish

8 years ago#2
The weird veiny-ness didn't do it for me.

I prefered normal Lara in her catsuit outfit or even better in the gold bikini. Orgasm!!!
360 GT: NinjaBlowfish

User Info: cindy_mendez

8 years ago#3
Haha whoa dudes!!

User Info: NinjaBlowfish

8 years ago#4
ooh, sorry Cindy... <.< >.> <.> *runs away*
360 GT: NinjaBlowfish

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