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User Info: nemesis768

8 years ago#1
Whats the time limit for the Refiinery speed run and Right of Passage achievments?

User Info: nemesis768

8 years ago#2
why dosen't anyone want to help me?

User Info: FueledbyRageX

8 years ago#3
To my knowledge there are no leaderboards for the speedruns so they're no specified times.. Just do them as as fast as possible and hope you get 'em,I guess.

A better question would be at what part,or can you achieve this at either? Seeing how the lvel repeats itself.

Sorry,this ain't much help but that's what I got...
XBL GT: Fueled by Rage
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User Info: nemesis768

8 years ago#4
oh ok thanks for that.

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