Amazing guide, to help find all weapon parts..ect

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  3. Amazing guide, to help find all weapon parts..ect

User Info: BigDaddyDeWitt

7 years ago#1

The best guide i have found thus far!

User Info: Ptr_Grifin

7 years ago#2
That is a good guide.
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User Info: TheIonSolar

7 years ago#3
Will probably use this on my next runthrough, much appreciated
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User Info: usernamehere

7 years ago#4
personally, i wish someone made a guide that detailed the gun mods more.

like which stat each part modifies and by how much.
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User Info: ZarnonElchris

7 years ago#5
That would be pretty hard to do. The parts have different stats for different guns, and are further modified by the other parts you are using.

User Info: Wanz44

7 years ago#6
OMG I'm on my 2nd play through and I didn't even know you can pick up weapon parts. I thought they had to be purchased. ::sigh::
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User Info: 360gamer7

7 years ago#7
i find this alot better

User Info: GateCaptain

7 years ago#8
Wow wanz44 thats just sad.
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User Info: Gnarly_B

7 years ago#9
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  3. Amazing guide, to help find all weapon parts..ect

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