u know Scott.......

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User Info: ChesecakeMilita

8 years ago#41
Ms. Chokesondick from South Park
*holds twinkie* "Haha, I'm gonna turn you into poo" RB2: 2821-1181-7531
It's official: I can beat drk_net in a game of Connect 4. Challenge me now!

User Info: Aura1337

8 years ago#42
aye aye Captain
GH:M FC: 4339 8481 5568__Rock Band 2 FC: 2992 9165 1605 Band: Chocolate
COD WAW FC: 4339 7730 9363, Name: Aura

User Info: drk_net

8 years ago#43
LOL I was talking about Shredders Sub.
Do you know what goes bump in the dark?

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