I think I found a bug.

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User Info: Bannercatch

8 years ago#1
I think I found a bug in the Wii version of "Vertigo," specifically in Arcade mode.

To understand the bug I found, you'll have to be familiar with the Arcade mode level layout screen: Basically, there are (I think) 36 levels laid out in a triangular shape, with the tip of the triangle (that is, the first level) to the left, and the base of the triangle (the eight final levels, labelled "A" through "H") at the right.

At first, the only unlocked level is the first level, which happens to be the very left-most level. As levels are completed, the two levels to the right (the level to the upper-right and the one to the lower right) of the completed level are unlocked.

Locked levels are red; completed levels are green, and unlocked levels yet to be completed are yellow. The cursor you that lets you select a level to play won't allow itself to be moved onto a red level, as they are locked.

Because completing a level can unlock up to two others, you can essentially choose a path of levels to play, allowing you to finish a final level while still having many levels unlocked.

So when I played the Arcade mode, I more-or-less stuck to a middle path, getting to the goal by completing the final level next to the "D" goal. Many of the levels above and below the final level were red, meaning they were unlocked. This is fine, since I hadn't completed the levels before them.

After accomplishing the "D" goal, I turned off the game, and later started it up again. But this time, when I went to Arcade mode, the cursor was positioned on the top final level (the one by the "A" goal), despite the fact that it was a red (locked) level.

I was unable to move the cursor off that spot, presumably because its neighboring levels are all red (that is, they are all locked). I was still able to play that final level (thereby obtaining the "A" goal), which turned that level to green -- but I still wasn't able to move the cursor off that level, because the neighboring spots were still red!

So now the only level I can play in Arcade mode is the final top level (the one next to the "A" goal). I can't play any of the other unlocked or completed levels, because I can't move the cursor off that one top final level.

As a result, I can't unlock any other planets, so in the other modes I'm stuck with only being able to play the levels on the first two planets. (I can't unlock the other planets, because I can't play their levels.)

It seems like there's nothing I can do to play the other levels. Because of this, in the other modes I'm completely locked out of all planets that I haven't unlocked, with no way of unlocking them.

Has anyone else encountered this bug? (It seems to have happened after I accomplished the "D" goal and restarted the game, but I haven't tried to reproduce this bug from a different profile, so I can't say for sure that that's what triggered the bug.)

Maybe this isn't a bug; maybe it's jut a design feature that I haven't figured out how to work around. Either way, it still looks like a bug, and I'd like to know if anyone else encountered it (and what they did to work around it).


User Info: Bannercatch

8 years ago#2
Okay, I've been playing around with "Vertigo" in Arcade mode and discovered that if you complete a final level (a level on the far right side) and quit & restart the game, then once you go back (into Arcade mode) the cursor may reposition itself on the upper-right level (the one closest to the "A" goal).

This presents a problem if you haven't unlocked that level or its adjacent levels, as you won't be able to move your cursor off that level.

(Come to think of it, I'm wondering if the cursor automatically repositions itself to the top level in the column where you last completed a level. I haven't verified this yet, so I'm not quite sure of it yet.)

So I recommend achieving the "A" goal first, before trying to complete any other goals. Doing so will ensure that if your cursor gets repositioned to any level at the top, you'll still be able to select other levels.

User Info: Bannercatch

8 years ago#3
I think I figured out what's going on:

When you finish a level in Arcade mode and quit the game, the game doesn't remember the last Arcade stage you finished, but it DOES remember the column where the last stage you finished was. So when you next go back into Arcade mode, the cursor will be at the level AT THE TOP of the column that has the stage level you completed.

So if, hypothetically, you were to complete all the stages along the bottom (that is, always take the lower path), and then reset the game (after finishing the bottom-right-most level), then when you restart the game and enter Arcade mode, the cursor will be at the top-right-most stage, despite the fact that you never unlocked it. You will be able to play that stage , but since you won't have unlocked any stages around it, you won't be able to select any other stages.

To prevent this glitch from happening to you, you can always play and finish the very first Arcade stage before quitting the game (it should be easy to do since it's the very first stage), or you could just finish the upper-path of stages first, guaranteeing that when you next enter Arcade mode that your cursor will be on a stage you've already unlocked.

Incidentally, I just finished all 36 stages in Arcade mode, and it doesn't seem like it unlocks any stages in Career mode. (So my earlier comment of not being able to unlock any other stages in Career mode because of the glitch is apparently incorrect.)
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