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User Info: BlazinBeat

7 years ago#1
I don't know if my game's glitched or if I'm doing something wrong. I'm hoping it's the latter, so that someone can help me do the right thing instead.

The FAQ says to "dodge 8 torpedoes using the hydrofoil". As I understand it the hydrofoil is activated by pressing L1+R1 together, which raises Clank's vehicle up for a short while. I've taken the FAQ's advice to leave an enemy alive so it keeps shooting torpedoes at me (I've even tried leaving 2 alive at a time to speed this up). However, I swear I've dodged as many as 10 torpedoes in one run and still haven't gotten this skill point.

Do "torpedoes" refer to the projectiles that the bigger enemy boats shoot forward, right? Not the missile-like things that follow alongside you and fire lasers at you?

And what exactly does it mean to "dodge"? Do I have to use the hydrofoil at the very last split-second, or does it still count if I have it activated for a few seconds before the enemy fires it so long as the torpedo doesn't hit me?

I know this game is old news and the board seems vacated now, but if anybody comes across this with some tips and tricks to do this skill point that'll be much appreciated.
In exchange, if you'd like help with skill points, feel free to ask and I'll do what I can to help.

I'm on my first playthrough shooting for a perfect game - I've coloured all the maps (as much as I can - this took a long time), fully upgraded Clank and Ratchet's weapons (1st playthrough-wise anyway - this includes the commonly missed Bee Mine Glove), got all the titanium bolts, bought all the skins, finished all the missions, and have 60 out of 65 skill points.
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