So how do you couch your lance now?

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  3. So how do you couch your lance now?

User Info: ultros999

7 years ago#1
I'm using a blunt polearm and I'm hitting X when my horse is going fast but he doesn't do anything.

How do i couch?
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User Info: twi41

7 years ago#2

Turning now will prevent you from using your lance and you have to be going reasonably fast.

A bit more effort is required now.

User Info: pkhgspt

7 years ago#3
I'm not sure, but I don't think all polearms can be couched. Lances work though.

User Info: Squints753

7 years ago#4
It has to be a lance, and you have to be going at a certain speed. In the lower right there is a dot next to your weapon icons. I think it is usually red, and it turns grey when you are going fast enough to couch. It's either that, or it's grey and it turns red when you can couch. Lol.

User Info: 99h310

7 years ago#5
Press X when you reach a certain speed, like Squints753 said, when you reach a speed within the range the little red dot in the bottom of your screen turns grey, be warned though it no longer stays couched indefinitely, it only lasts a few seconds and you have to wait for it to "recharge" same applies to slowing down, it raises the lance

If that still doesn't work you are probably using the wrong type of polearm, make sure it makes mention of it being a lance in the description

User Info: Dannyjt

7 years ago#6
I might just have a lucky glitch, but it's started to do it automatically for me now, so maybe that happens once you raise it past a certain amount of weapon points

User Info: zerozedi

7 years ago#7
New patch changes it back to the old way when you hit a speed it auto couches. It's an option now called lance control you can keep it manual if you want.
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User Info: Chief_Defender

7 years ago#8
Heck no, I'm going back to the old way.

New 'press X for couch' gimmick sucked.

User Info: Dannyjt

7 years ago#9
Ah I see. Still, I reckon my one made sense.
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  3. So how do you couch your lance now?

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