Anyone become king yet?

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User Info: 3amHD3

7 years ago#1

and if so how did you do it?

I have almost 40 right to rule

over 1500 renown

over 100 honor

just got married

i'm marshall to the kindom to nords

but i have no idea how to set things in motion

User Info: Cheator13

7 years ago#2
I just renounced my oath and then captured Dhirim

User Info: Cheator13

7 years ago#3
Its not very profitable
The wages of the garrison don't seem to be cut in half and the city itself is earning measly 400
Also on occasion my fiefs don't earn anything at all (they're not looted or anything... i'm very vigilant about that)
And i can't figure out which are the important stats for the chief minister and emmisaries and how to deal with tax inefficiency
Also there's a quest to resolve a dispute between your lords, which is bugged
AND, while we're on the subject of the moronic lords - they don't care to garrison their castles, so i have to run around defending them all the time

User Info: Wkd315

7 years ago#4
I'm currently destroying Khergit Khante, after King Harlus (Swadia) denied me of Veluca from the Rhodoks, I took my services to Nords and fought Vaegirs until the war ended between them, then ended up capturing a recently re-captured Castle, and got 3 counts to join my cause off the bat. ;/

Doing good so far, repenting Swadian attacks and Khergit Khante fodder isn't easy though. (Almost eliminated Khergit Khanate, going after cities now)

User Info: tpexrath

7 years ago#5
Was a Swadian vassel and I left so the swadians wern't keen on me, and before that I attacked the Rhodoks (so I had 2 enemies) finaly defeated the Rhodoks and only the Khergit's recognized me as a king, And King Harlus Hates me: "Go fall on your sword and give us all peace" so now I got a 3rd of the Swadians land and all of the rhodoks land, but its hard finding vassels to join you
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  3. Anyone become king yet?

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