Need help finding Bandit Lair for quest

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User Info: KelvenJhidar

7 years ago#1
I picked up the quest "Destroying Bandit Lair" from a lord, but I can't find the lair anywhere. I ASSUMED it'd be around where I met the lord, but alas it was not. I also tried searching around the lord's village, but couldnt find it anywhere there either.

Any hints as to where it would be located? The quest description doesn't say anything as to WHERE to look :(

User Info: Da_V_Man

7 years ago#2
Are there any areas where there are a lot of bandits on the map? If you don't mind cheating, you can also enable truesight, which is CTRL + T when cheatmode is enabled.
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User Info: KelvenJhidar

7 years ago#3
finding bandits isn't a problem. I've fought and captured alot of them in my search. But I need to find a "Bandit Lair" and destroy it. I can't find the damn thing!

I thought maybe I had to capture some bandits and ask them where it is, but none of my bandit prisoners say or do anything useful when I talk to them.

User Info: Cheator13

7 years ago#4
You're supposed to follow some to their hideout, but i've yet to find any that are going that way
And besides, they spot me from a mile away and start running in circles

User Info: KelvenJhidar

7 years ago#5
Yeah I finally abandoned the quest, suffering standing loss with the lord... and then the next quest he gives me is the exact same one! GRRRRR

I noticed this time he did mention following a group to their hideout (I guess I missed that last time), but yeah, as you said they just run away from me the moment I see them. Maybe I should raise my spotting skill so I can see them further off... but it seems like an incredibly large hassel you have to go through to do this one quest.

User Info: danmp19

7 years ago#6
Look for groups of the bandits on the map and the lair is usually there. I think you may need a certain level of spot to see it?? You basically just have to wander around looking for the base, you will notice it if you are close. The base is also usually near the town of the lord who gave it to you.

User Info: Xiahou Mao

Xiahou Mao
7 years ago#7
The "Bandit Lair" appears on the map, but only when you get close to it. Bandits will intermittently spawn from it, so usually by going to areas with lots of bandits you can find the lair near them. You have to comb the area carefully, though, as it's harder to find the lair than it is to just spot roaming units. I imagine a good Spotting score would help with it, without it you have to make it about four or five character lengths away from the lair to make it appear on the map.
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