Income from castles?

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User Info: storky20

7 years ago#1
So... it's been like 3 ingame weeks that I'd had my own castle but they still haven't provided any income. Is it supposed to be like that?

User Info: zerozedi

7 years ago#2
I don't think castles provide income just villages and towns. Not 100% sure on that.
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User Info: Drigin

7 years ago#3
Can anyone confirm this?

User Info: Adoh

7 years ago#4

Only cities and villages. Thats why I always use a city as my HQ and give every castle and the remaining cities that I capture to my vassals, but I always make sure I get the castle first then distribute the castle after so I keep the fiefs. I do however give a couple vassals 2 fiefs around my city to help protect it.

User Info: Talus057

7 years ago#5
^ That is why PoP is such a great mod. I love me some PoP. Like cake and tobasco, with a side of epic, and topped with some awesome.

User Info: Drigin

7 years ago#6
How do you make a city your HQ? I captured a castle and that is my HQ, I cant find out how to relocate it.
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